Scorpio Man and Libra Woman

The Scorpio man and Libra woman’s romance is an idealistic one which works reasonably well on paper. On practice, however, this water/air couple will need some patience to work out the kinks in their relationship.


scorpio-man-libra-woman-compatibilityA Slightly Wary Dance

The Libra woman is drawn to the Scorpio man because of his brooding intensity, and because he’s the epitome of a troubled romantic hero. She’s drawn initially to his persona or his mask, because he won’t show his real self until he trusts her. The Scorpio man, meanwhile, is charmed by the Libra woman’s easy grace and her friendliness, even in the face of his somewhat surly behavior. He’s intrigued by her, and intrigue always turns on the Scorpio guy. Scorpio man Libra woman compatibility is a slightly wary dance to begin with, but soon warms up.

Once she gets to know him, the Libra woman will discover that her Scorpio man is every bit as brooding and intense as she thought, with added spice. His jealousy fury will take her by surprise, however, although she will find it quite flattering. Once he gets to know her, the Scorpio man will discover that his Libra woman has a lot of intellectual flair and that she shares his passion for justice and fairness. Scorpio man Libra woman compatibility runs deeper than either partner would have initially thought.

You might think that the gentle Libra woman would be intimidated by the Scorpio man’s power, but she isn’t. She is stronger than she looks, and she will merely shake her head and go back to reading her book when one of his sulks sets in. He likes this in her – he struggles with women who go to pieces when he gets cross. You also might think that the intense Scorpio man would soon bore of the Libra woman’s slightly superficial preoccupations – but he doesn’t. He probes and guides and brings out the deeper elements of her ideas, and truly appreciates them. Scorpio man Libra woman compatibility is actually better on a mental level than a physical one, where the Scorpio man’s lustful nature is slightly too much for the Libra woman’s airy, romantic ideals.


scorpio-man-compatibility-libra-womanNeighboring Sign Compatibility

This is a couple which can learn a great deal from each other. The Libra woman can teach the Scorpio man to analyze his feelings a little more rationally, and to create a more balanced and harmonious emotional life. The Scorpio man can open the Libra woman’s eyes to a whole new set of interests, and will undertake a fascinating intellectual journey with her. Together, they are able to use determination and flair to bring about their idealistic goals, which can be good for humanity, let alone good for the couple themselves. Scorpio man Libra woman compatibility is an example of neighboring sign compatibility which can definitely be made to work.

The Scorpio man should learn to provide some verbal reassurance to his Libra woman about how much he loves her, because she needs that. The Libra woman should learn to make a decision and go for it, rather than constantly annoy her Scorpio man with her indecision – but if the couple can manage that, then this can be a very mutually beneficial and friendly relationship. Scorpio man Libra woman compatibility definitely has potential.

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  1. i am a libra woman and partner a scorpio… our relationship at moments seems like a battle of head over muscle…or just both quite stubborn as we both think we’re right. But when we’re good it’s heaven!! and i don’t think we’d have it in any other way… 15 years of ups and downs, just make us stronger 🙂

  2. I’m a libra woman in love with a scorpio man.. Let’s just say scorpios live up to their reputation as intense deep and very sexual.. He is moody and jealous and I am indecisive but together it’s pure bliss if we can get over the hurtles!

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