The Taurus and Capricorn Couple in Action

Taurus/Capricorn compatibility is excellent on many levels. This couple are both earth signs, so they share a love of stability, and they have a sensual love life too. However, earth-earth relationships do tend to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of daily life; if this couple isn’t careful, routine and duty will take over, leaving very little room for romance. For these two horoscope signs, compatibility works best when each partner has different, defined roles in the partnership.

Capricorn Should Take Care of the Family Finances

Capricorn is an excellent financial manager, and is prudent with money and sensible with investments. Taurus, as an earth sign, is also good with money, but the Taurus partner’s indulgent, extravagant streak will quickly annoy Capricorn. Taurus/Capricorn compatibility will avoid many a bump in the road if Capricorn takes charge of joint finances (obviously Taurus can manage his or her own personal money) – a quick and simple way to avoid the endless rows over spending control (or the lack of it).

Taurus Should Lead on Career Matters

Since they are both earth signs, this couple is jointly very ambitious. However, Capricorn’s ambition comes at a price. Left to his or her own devices, the Capricorn partner will work day and night, leaving little time for family life and togetherness. Capricorn does it out of love, wanting to provide for the family, but often fails to see that there won’t be a family to provide for if they don’t return home every now and then. Work/life balance can be a real issue for Taurus/Capricorn; compatibility will be more stable if Taurus is allowed real input into career matters, as his or her common sense wisdom will help Capricorn move ahead, but not at the expense of the family.

Capricorn Should Lead the Couple’s Social Life

With one caveat: there has to be a social life. Capricorn isn’t the most sociable of signs, and Taurus is more outgoing, but Taurus often becomes extremely jealous in social situations. To help mitigate this Taurean possessiveness, it helps Taurus/Capricorn compatibility if Capricorn takes the lead in deciding where to go, when to go and who to see. Not that Taurus doesn’t have input, of course, but Capricorn is grounded enough to see potential trouble coming from flirtatious friendships, and can step in before the situation gets out of hand.

Taurus Should be Romance Creator in Chief

Let’s face it, Capricorn isn’t a romantic. Taurus, on the other hand, ruled by beautiful Venus, is. If the romance in this relationship is left up to Capricorn, then there simply won’t be any. Taurus should be the partner in charge of booking romantic breaks, organising a wedding and anniversaries, carving out time for intimate dinners and other such niceties of romance. If that sounds unfair on poor Taurus, it isn’t. The Taurus partner would much rather organise the romance themselves than not have it at all. Besides, Taurus loves the indulgence of being fairy godmother (or father) and will appreciate the effect this has on Taurus/Capricorn compatibility.

Capricorn Should be Fitness Coach

Taurus has a somewhat unfair reputation as one of the laziest signs in the zodiac, but it is true that exercise and health aren’t always on the top of the priority list. Leave it to practical Capricorn to remember to schedule doctor’s appointments, to keep an eye on Taurus’ waistline and to encourage Taurus into a healthier lifestyle. Taurus might not thank Capricorn for it, but long term Taurus/Capricorn compatibility will.

Taurus Should Mediate Extended Family Issues

Both partners, as earth signs, take their family responsibilities seriously, but when it comes to extended family, or elderly relatives, Capricorn tends to get sucked down in duty. Taurus is a loving and caring sign, and will ensure that the couple do their fair share within the extended family, but isn’t above putting feet down firmly if the couple are being put upon by other family members. Taurus will put the relationship first, whereas Capricorn is more likely to grudgingly put other family members first. For Taurus/Capricorn compatibility, this one’s a no brainer.

Divisions of labour like this are one way in which, for these two horoscope signs, compatibility can endure over the longer term. Of course each partner is still an individual and any major decision are (or should be) made jointly, but as organised, practical people, this couple will enjoy having clearly defined jobs to do!

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