Cancer and Taurus Compatibility: The Homemaker and the Lover

When the Lover of the zodiac meets and falls in love with the Homemaker, you have a recipe for long term happiness and stability that few can match. Cancer and Taurus compatibility is rooted in shared values and a similar outlook on life, which makes this couple great friends and trusted allies as well as ideal lovers.

At the heart of this relationship is a mutual need for security, which is what makes the partnership so strong. While a desire for emotional security is strong in Taurus, Cancer compatibility insists on an ever greater level of emotional stability, so these two signs are a good match in that regard. At the heart of this stability, of course, lies family life. This star sign match is one of the strongest in the zodiac when it comes to home life, and there’s much domestic bliss to be had here. Indeed, for Cancer and Taurus, compatibility is very much focused on the family. Both signs adore being parents, and both signs believe that family life is of the utmost importance.

Expect this couple to keep themselves pretty much to themselves, however. They’re not great social animals, and much prefer the company of each other and their children instead of seeing friends or enjoying activities beyond the home. Privacy is important to both Cancer and Taurus; compatibility between this couple will be a very intimate affair, not to be broadcast to the world. Having said that, both signs are also highly sensual in nature, so they will enjoy a strong sex life – just not in public!

The depth of love shared by Cancer and Taurus is in part born of a karmic link between the two signs, and is underscored by a healthy level of mutual respect. Both partners love to nurture and spoil others and neither is likely to stray far. Since possessiveness can be an issue for both Cancer and Taurus, compatibility depends on this couple spending as much time together as possible- which is fine by them, but might upset mutual friends or extended family members. These two live in one another’s pockets, but they like it that way!

This blissful match is likely to get stronger as the partners mature, because deeper into the relationship each will appreciate the other even more. It’s not a relationship without its stresses and strains however. Under pressure, these zodiac signs handle life differently and that can cause conflict. When the chips are down, Taurus will pig-headedly forge ahead anyway, whereas Cancer will retreat and shut down emotionally. It’s vital that the couple communicate clearly and openly during times of crisis, otherwise Cancer and Taurus compatibility may struggle just when the couple need one another most of all.

As a water sign, Cancer gives nourishment and life to Taurean earth, helping Taurus to express his or her emotions more fully and freely. In return, Taurus’ earth sign qualities soak up some of watery Cancer’s excess emotions, helping the Cancer partner to stay happy (and sane). It’s this natural, inherent give and take which helps to shore up Cancer and Taurus compatibility even further – quite simply, this couple are good for one another’s mental and physical health! Theirs is a tender, romantic and loving partnership of equals, and perhaps symbolises one of the ideals of family life which other star sign compatibility pairings aspire to.

Granted there isn’t all that much excitement, risk or deliberate chaos in this partnership. Domestic bliss is all very well, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Others may find this couple slightly boring or pedestrian – but when more explosive relationships have come and gone, who will be the elderly couple holding hands in the rain? Taurus/Cancer. Compatibility like that is priceless, and each of this couple will happily eschew a wilder life in favour of this stable, balanced and deeply loving bond. For their lucky children, the Lover and the Homemaker really do make an unbeatable combination.

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  1. Well, iam a cancer and my boyfriend is a taurus and im totally head over heels.

  2. im a taurus and had an unspeakable connection with a cancer male it was 4years ago and it still plays in my mind all i ask is if he thinks of me his 30th June 1981 and im 28th April 1984

  3. I love every min with my Taurus man friend. The sex is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life and I feel so good around him. I really do I try to hold my feelings back but its like I feel like I can’t live without him he is the missing piece to my puzzle that I’ve been waiting for my whole entire life I’ve been very skeptical about relationships because I have been through many bad ones terrible in fact but this just seems like a blessing

  4. My boyfriend is a Cancer and I’m a Taurus, and I can see the majority of this happening. We’re still very young, and met in high school. He’s not only my boyfriend, but he’s my best friend, and we hate spending even a day away from each other.

    • I see. I am a Taurus, that’s why we don’t agree.

  5. I’m a Cancer & My Lady is a Taurus & thru all the ups/downs we had that everyone said we wasn’t gone make it thru or even thought ourselves we wasn’t going to about to celebrate our 6 year anniversary soon so I believe everything this article saying cause My Lady got my back & I got hers to the END…!!!

  6. I’m a Taurus and my boyfriend is Cancer. We just started dating a few days ago and I’m completely head over heels for him. It’s so cute seeing him so shy (we’re in high school). Tehehe

  7. I’m Cancerian and though I always knew I was compatible with Taureans I never met one until two months ago. When we first spoke on the phone it was for 19 hours and the next day 16 hours. This rare connection lead me to intuitively pack a weekend bag (Undeniable Cancerian intuition) and it came to pass that our first date lead me to spending the weekend. A few days after that he came and spent the weekend with me. In essence, we have become inseparable. As a lover of attention I silently chuckle when he TELLS ME he’s coming over on a certain day and leaving a certain day, which I never have any objections to. He never makes qualms about getting the bill for dinner and when shopping and I have a frugal moment and put something back, he grabs it and adds it on. He’s already asked me to “meet the family” when no past loves ever had and he’s already saying he wants a lifetime and can’t imagine living without me. Though not a typical moody Cancerian that broods in silence, I’m an in-your-face Cancer/Leo-rising, which means my inner lion and his Taurean stubbornness/temper have already been in the ring a few times and he’s told me I have the strongest personality he has ever encountered, which is good for me because it is essential that my guy has some fight in him to keep up with my fiery personality. Of the few great loves I ever had, he is the only one who has spoiled me with gifts galore and is already planning the list of countries he wants to take me to for vacation. I have never been called so many various terms of endearment and vice verse. Finally, I have a keeper!!!

  8. I met this Taurus guy and am a cancer I’ve been through every bad relationship u can ever think about, but he has been xo patient with me to no rushing sex…I think am in luv with him I kip asking him where he has been my whole life damn he is hot

  9. I am a cancer woman and I recently met a Taurus man. Were young I just turned 19 and he’s 22. When I first met him I really liked his friend and his friend and I somewhat hit it off but he got scared and stopped talking to me in general which made me feel so stupid cause I legit threw myself at this guy. But when he stopped talking to me I went to a party and I saw the guy that made me feel like a fool and this Taurus guy. Long story short I yelled at that guy in his face and after that I went to talk to some other people, while I was talking this Taurus guy comes up to me and wishes me a happy birthday and gives me a hug and after that we hung out all night talking and laughing by sunrise I was feeling sick and asked him if he could take me home, he did and later on that day he messaged me and we’ve been talking ever since. I make sure he msgs me because I don’t want to throw myself at him and make myself look like a fool again. A couple days ago he asked to hang out and I accepted and when he came to pick me and my sister up and came to the. Door and smiled when he saw me. I like him and I know there’s a connection. But I was kicked out of my moms and I moved 6 hours away. I probably won’t see him again but he still talks to me and says once he’s not broke he’ll come see me. I know this won’t last and were gunna stop talking but he’s amazing and It’s sad I feel like I lost something pretty good.

  10. This sooo true! I’m happy to have found my soulmate! My husband is Taurus and I’m a cancerian lady. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now and have a lovely little boy who is also another taurean! Im definitely head over heels with my man and can’t imagine myself without him. He comforts me during my emotional state and I help him bring out the best in him! I’m so excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

    • Hey there Randomohlala….

      Thanks for your comments, we’re really pleased to hear that!

  11. Im a cancer woman and about to meet a taurus maori for the first time! Hopefully i can relate to you above very soon

  12. I’m a cancer and my boyfriend is a tarus of three and half years are still together, hasnt been easy but were stilling standing strong , even as parents to our son:)

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