Cancer Woman

The typical Cancer woman is what you might think of as an earth mother. She is extremely compassionate and loving, and wants to take care of all and sundry. Often with a beautiful moon-like face and dreamy eyes, she wears her heart on her sleeve but her strong emotions are backed up by a surprisingly shrewd sense of business and excellent organization skills. For a Cancer woman, compatibility is all about finding the right mate for her future family – motherhood is an essential part of her identity, whether or not she already has children.


Instinctive Trustcancer-woman-compatibility

Usually relatively quiet and shy, the Cancer woman doesn’t push herself into the limelight. She needs a great deal of emotional security, so the dating scene scares her to death and she may take quite some time to settle down. Emotional and intuitive, she relies far more upon whether something “feels” right than whether it’s logical or sensible, and this can lead to her making some very strange looking decisions. If you’re seeking Cancer woman compatibility, you’ll soon learn to trust her instincts and go with the flow.

Although very loving and giving, the Cancer woman can be very moody. Her emotions fluctuate for reasons not even she fully understands, and it will be a mystery to you why she was fine half an hour ago but is now in a furious temper. Cancer woman compatibility is best with a stable and confident partner who won’t take  her outbursts personally.

The Cancer woman is deeply sensual and will enjoy sex in the privacy of her own home, but hates external, overt displays of sexuality. She doesn’t flirt and will find it very hard to deal with a partner who does – flirting cuts to her core fears and insecurity and really does push all the wrong buttons for her. Once in a relationship, Cancer woman compatibility depends upon utter fidelity and trust.


cancer-female-compatibilityA House Full of Love

Devoted to her family, the Cancer woman will definitely want children; if no children come along, she will want to adopt or rescue animals instead – she needs a house full of love and companionship. She is a very hard worker and will do all that she can to ensure the family security; you can rely upon her support for your career and her respect for your efforts. She is an excellent mother, and will try to mother you as a partner too. Cancer woman compatibility is probably not for those who like their independence, as she will want to know where you are and what you’re doing at every moment of every day.

When a relationship is going well, the Cancer woman is romantic and loving, and brings a huge amount of warmth to her lover. When it is not going well, however, she can be sulky and manipulative, and is not above some underhand tactics if she thinks it will save the relationship.

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