Leo Moon Compatibility: Passionate Pride

If you were born with the Moon in Leo, you’re a creative, dynamic and larger than life character, with a great deal of flair and style. When it comes to Leo Moon compatibility, you offer generosity of spirit, passion and a very, very warm heart. As a partner you are highly affectionate and very loving, but you can also be rather demanding. Leo is the King or Queen of the zodiac, and when the emotional Moon is in Leo, your emotions are very tied up with how much attention you receive. In order to feel secure in love, you need to know that you’re cherished or even worshipped – and absolute fidelity from your partner is an absolute must.


Pride or Arrogance?leo-moon-compatibility

Pride is an important element of your emotional make up, and you do have a lot to be proud of about yourself. However, very often this pride can be mistaken for arrogance, so it’s important for Leo Moon compatibility that your partner has a high tolerance level for this kind of thing. You do need to control others, and you can be a little selfish and egotistical – however, you have such a joyous and joyful personality that your partner is probably forgiving of most things. A little Leo Moon love goes a long way! At its best, your relationship can be a powerhouse of achievement, with you being a powerful force for encouraging and supporting your partner in all of their endeavors.


Courtly Romance

In love, you are courteous, attentive, romantic and surprisingly proper. You like old fashioned romance, and you like traditional courtship. You will treat your partner with the utmost respect at all times, and you quite rightly demand the same respect in return. When you are happy in a relationship, the fiery passion of Leo comes through, making you a very physical and exciting lover. You do have a flair for the dramatic, however, so when things are not going quite so well, the dogmatism and temper of Leo will show through quite strongly.


leo-moon-loveAdulation Required

You’re probably not conscious of this, but your need to be admired underpins the very heart of your relationship. For Leo Moon compatibility to be at its best, you need to feel loved – no, not just loved, but adored. You put your lover at the center of everything you do, and you need to feel the same level of commitment from them. If you’re not getting enough attention from your partner, you can quickly become bad tempered and sullen. Quite materialistic by nature, your idea of being treated well does include generous gifts, lavish dinners, expensive jewelry and good vacations, so if your partner is not wealthy it can be hard work for them to live up to your expectations. Leo Moon compatibility will increase if you try to be a little more down to earth about your demands, and to look for true signs of love where they matter most – from the heart, not from the bank balance.

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