Perfect Romantic Gifts for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

There’s no nicer way of celebrating your compatibility love match than with the perfect romantic gift. On birthdays, at Christmas, on Valentine’s Day or just for no reason at all, choosing a thoughtful gift for your loved one is a pleasure at any time. This handy list will help you choose if you’re in love with a Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces Sun sign, or why not enter our monthly competition to win a free compatibility chart – then you can choose a gift according to your beloved’s Moon sign or ascendant sign too.

Romantic Gifts for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a freedom loving sign – a born adventurer with a love of risk, justice, travel and sports. Your Sagittarius partner also has a terrific sense of humour and will love a funny gift. Boost your compatibility love match with Sag by choosing something which reminds him or her of the great outdoors, or which satisfies their need to see fairness and equality around the world. Or choose something practical they can take with them as they travel.

Budget: A joke book; a pair of funny handcuffs.

Mid range: A charity gift; a backpack or set of suitcases.

Super luxury: A racehorse or a once in a lifetime safari trip to somewhere wild and (almost) unexplored.


Romantic Gifts for Capricorn

Capricorn isn’t the most romantic of signs, but these earthy individuals do love practical gifts, and presents which connect with their obsession – time. Balancing the books is fun for Capricorn, so financially related gifts are always welcome, as indeed is plain old cash, albeit hardly the stuff romantic fantasies are made of. When it comes to compatibility love match, Capricorn is a sucker for the tried and tested, so don’t go too out of the box with your presents. Traditional, old fashioned gifts like hampers, ties and chocolates are also fail safe options for upstanding Capricorn.

Budget (because Capricorn would want you to watch the pennies): Alarm clock; day trip to a museum.

Mid range: Grandfather clock; antique writing desk.

Super luxury: A high end stock market portfolio or the ultimate status symbol – a private plane.


Romantic Gifts for Aquarius

Quirky, unconventional Aquarius couldn’t care less about flowers, chocolates and the traditional end of the gift giving spectrum. This unselfish sign is very humanitarian in outlook, so try to make sure that you gift is ethically sourced. Aquarius is very into cutting edge technology and will love anything new on the market gadget wise. Since this is the most eccentric of signs, you can also get away with just about any oddball gift – if it appeals to the weird Aquarius sense of wonder or humour, your compatibility love match will be assured.

Budget (because it’s more important to save the world than to buy presents): Graffiti cans; a Venus flytrap.

Mid range: The latest tablet or other gadget; a big selection of cruelty free beauty products.

Super luxury: A seat on the next trip into outer space.


Romantic Gifts for Pisces

Ah, sweet Pisces, possibly the most romantic sign of the zodiac. For Pisces, a compatibility love match is most secure with someone who understands his or her softer side, so choose gentle, nurturing, idealistic gifts for your dreamer and lover. Pisces has a huge affinity with water, and with fantasy worlds, so let your imagination run riot to find the perfect gift for this adorable but not quite in the real world person.

Budget (because love has no price tag): A fantasy novel; a snugly blanket

Mid rage: Scuba diving lessons; a romantic weekend away

Super Luxury: A cabin hideaway in the remote mountains with just you for company.


An Astromatcha astrology compatibility report is the perfect gift for lovers of any sign, so if none of the above appeal, why not buy your partner the gift of greater understanding into your mutual relationship? If you’re feeling cheap, you can even enter our monthly competition to win a free compatibility chart!

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