Astrological Compatibility of Neighbouring Zodiac Signs

To a non astrologer, it might seem highly logical that your neighbouring zodiac signs would be great love compatibility matches for you. After all, being just “next door”, so to speak, you would surely have a lot in common, no? Well, no. It doesn’t really work that way in relationship astrology. Neighbouring signs can be notoriously difficult relationships for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore why, using Aquarius/Pisces compatibility and Aries/Taurus compatibility as examples.

The main stumbling block in astrological compatibility for neighbouring signs is that these are not natural element blends. These pairs of signs will always be one of these four elemental combinations: air/water, fire/earth, water/fire, or earth/air. Aquarius/Pisces compatibility is an air/water blend, and air/water are not necessarily natural bedfellows. The problem here is that air tends to stir up water into waves, but as quickly as that happens, air moves on. Water signs sense that they can’t entirely trust air signs with their fragile emotions, and Pisces certainly feels that Aquarius doesn’t know what it’s like to be so sensitive and emotional (and Pisces is right about that). Meanwhile, water in the form of vapour enters air and magically transforms it into water, falling as rain – here it’s the air sign’s turn to feel insecure about a transformation they cannot control.

Aries/Taurus compatibility is a fire/earth combination. Here again, there is a basic elemental incompatibility. Fire very rarely destroys earth, except in volcanic eruptions, but it does scorch it, burn it and divest it of life, so earth signs are right to feel innately cautious about their fire sign neighbours. The same type of dubiousness is reflected back from the fire sign – because although earth can contain fire, too much earth can also put out the flames altogether, or at the very least hold them back and delay them. Just like Aquarius/Pisces compatibility, for Aries and Taurus there is a fundamental unease to the partnership.

There are successful relationships between neighbouring zodiac signs, of course – not least because there’s much more to it than sun sign astrology. However, these partnerships almost always form because of a karmic teacher-pupil kind of link. Each sign in the zodiac has something to learn from the one following it, and each feels an inexplicable compassion and tolerance towards the one preceding it. In Aquarius/Pisces compatibility, for instance, Aquarius has a great deal to learn from Pisces, including the value of emotions. Pisces is a sign which really needs a partner who can swim in the same emotional seas, yet Pisces feels drawn to Aquarius and can tolerate the Aquarian partner’s aloofness much better than they would tolerate it from, say, Capricorn.

In the example of Aries/Taurus compatibility, it is Aries who has much to learn from Taurus. Taurus can teach Aries the value of slowing down, and of growing roots. Taurus him or herself, meanwhile, indulges Aries impulsiveness and is less frightened by this fire sign’s risk taking and brusque nature than they would be by Sagittarius or Leo. Just as in the case of Aquarius/Pisces compatibility, the sign doing the teaching (in this case Taurus) copes well with the relationship niggles caused by the sign doing the learning.

This pattern repeats across the whole zodiac; it’s not unique to Aquarius/Pisces compatibility, nor to Aries and Taurus. Although Aquarius is the “pupil” in the Aquarius and Pisces relationship, the same Aquarius is the teacher in a relationship with their preceding sign, Capricorn. Astrology compatibility with neighbouring signs is a beautiful cycle, illustrating the way astrology shows us that mankind can learn everything we need to know from one another – if we only listen.

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