Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: The Idealist and the Visionary

Well, this is an interesting match. Two of the zodiac’s eternal seekers meet when the Idealist and the Visionary come together, but can it be a happily ever after story or is Libra and Aquarius compatibility too intellectual to sustain real passion? Read on to find out more, or share your astrology compatibility question with us and ask more about your relationship.

Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, and this is indeed an airy and intelligent relationship. This couple share many interests in common, and they both seek a better world in their own way. It’s a true meeting of minds and, since both partners find intelligence sexy, there will be additional sexual chemistry too. Libra and Aquarius compatibility starts off very well, with lots of talk and mutual respect and appreciation. Both partners love to debate and there will be constant discussions over everything from the mundane to the esoteric.

Libra is seeking an ideal partner – this sign is the archetypal Idealist, after all – but is quite open minded and won’t be phased by Aquarius eccentricity. The Aquarius Visionary, meanwhile, is preoccupied with progressive issues and the excitement of the future, and is probably the least romantic of all the zodiac signs. However, Aquarius is turned on by Libra’s mind and is willing to give a little of their precious freedom in order to be by Libra’s side. In this way, Libra and Aquarius compatibility can work well in a kind of arm’s length way. Neither partner can or should suffocate the other.

Although a perfect match for a friendship or business relationship, Libra and Aquarius compatibility requires more than just shared ideals and good conversation to keep it afloat. Libra’s accommodating nature puts up with aloofness from Aquarius for a while, but before long Libra will need some reassurance that he or she is loved. Aquarius must understand this: just because he or she is not needy doesn’t mean that the Idealist partner isn’t. Provided Aquarius doesn’t object on principle to paying some loving attention to Libra, the partnership will progress quite well. Libra is not a possessive sign and so there is nothing here to impinge upon Aquarius’ independence, which helps to make Aquarius settle down a little more on a voluntary basis.

An emphasis on intellectual pursuits is vital to Aquarius, and Libra compatibility works best on a mental level too. When two air signs fall in love, the result will be extremely creative, and these two are capable of stimulating great ideas and terrific enthusiasm in each other. Under the influence of romantic Venus, gentle Libra will coax Aquarius into more emotion than the Visionary thought possible; meanwhile, under the influence of rebellious Uranus, Aquarius will teach Libra that it’s OK to take a risk and make a decision once in a while. For Libra and Aquarius, compatibility in love can be mutually beneficial and both signs can learn from each other.

In terms of everyday lifestyle, this couple works well together. Both signs are sociable and interested in people, so they probably have a wide and diverse set of friends; neither sign is all that practical, so they’ll both sometimes struggle with the daily grind, but at least they can find humour in their shared shortcomings and will muddle through the mess somehow. Libra, the cardinal sign in the mix, will take the lead in the relationship, with Aquarius following at a distance (Aquarius does everything at a distance!) provided their independence is not compromised. However, Aquarius and Libra compatibility will face a test when the Aquarius partner digs in his or her heels and shows a stubborn side. Fortunately, Libra is the consummate diplomat and will manage to find a way through the impasse without Aquarius ever realising that they’ve actually given in!

One slight issue could arise over Aquarius’ deliberately provocative nature, particularly when it comes to rebelling against authority. Libra likes a smooth ride throughout life and will not appreciate Aquarius stirring up trouble in this way. However, Aquarius is untroubled by Libra’s rebukes and will carry on regardless. You can almost picture Libra saying of Aquarius “You can’t take him anywhere!” in a mock exasperated tone of voice, while secretly admiring the Visionary’s power to make waves in life. One of the strengths of Libra and Aquarius compatibility is their shared sense of humour; their ability to not take themselves too seriously will be an enormous asset as this couple matures and grows.

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  1. i am an Aquarian female. And my partner is a Libran. Help me to understand him better

    • Start with letting him vent and not taking it so personal. Get him back on a positive track cause negativity can engulf him unknowingly. Watch how quickly he gets over things, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!? Show him affection even if it seems like a wierd time to do so, again, SIT BACK AND BE AMAZED! Best of luck, you can do it girl, better than anyone else ever could. Go be sensitive and honest and let him help you. Yes, you heard me. Bye

    • Try a little lavender in your bath and soak away your troubled. Turn the air condition so your air signs will dutifully connect. If all else read the little blue book of calm

  2. My ex is a Libra, I’m an Aquarius and he lied and cheated on me 🙂

  3. Its funny just yesterday I told my Aqua hubby that “I can’t take you anywhere” ha ha
    I was having fun too, for me a Libra woman, I’ve never had so much fun before I met him. He is so free with his ways, I was always secretive about everything I did, he isn’t. He doesn’t care if we are in a bookstore or a shopping mall, if he feels like dancing he just grabs me and waltzes off, ha ha… I’ve always avoided attention in public but he doesn’t care, to make matters worse my Scorpio mom just nods, “yeah, who cares what people think” Its embarrassing at times but sweet too, I love him My Martian is wonderful and dreamy, but hes a martian 🙂 It took me until I was 38 to meet him, I knew that I’d find my Martian

    • I just recently entered a relationship with an Aquarius. I’m a libra. I loved your post because it’s so familiar. He’ll kiss me anywhere. He doesn’t care or feel ashamed. I love that and his quirkiness lol -thanks S,C also I’m soon to be 37 so wow this hits home

    • Wow, nice story! My bf is an Aquarius and I’m a libra He can be stubborn but I like that he let’s me win. My mom’s also a scorpio lol

  4. I’m an Aquarius female and my hubby is a libra. Oh what fun we have!! He is super tuned in to me and I am very practical and have to remember to be romantic. He calls me his “circus ” because of the stuff I can come up with. Truly a great match. My only regret is not being with him sooner!

  5. Im an Aquarius woman and I was dating a Libra man and he just seemed to damn sneaky and secretive for me!

  6. Im an Aquarius women and im with a libra and he’s driving me crazy

  7. Am a aquaruis and by boy friend a Libra he says he loves me but sometimes I don’t believe him he brakes my heart to much but after all I still give him chances some times I think he likes my best friend he talk to her better than me && he used to like he & when there in class she tells me he smiles at her to much so Idk

  8. I’m a libra girl and my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is an Aquarius, yes, he drives me nuts sometimes, he is not romantic at all and I am, I love to surprise him and see how happy I make him, but who care’s if he’s romantic, he works so hard everyday, he doesn’t complain about money just food in the fridge, 🙂 when we hang out all day we fight but he doesn’t allow me to be mad for more than 15 minutes he would do anything to make me happy. If I want Red Lobster and he wants Italian, he will pleasure me by surrendering to Red Lobster, but than I want Italian because I’m want to make him happy, my point is that, Libra and Aquarius are meant to be but it takes work and compromise. We librans expect to much and we are very indecisive but if your with an Aquarius stop deciding, stick with him\her. Thanks!

  9. I’m a libra male and feel like whenever my aquarius girl is told to do something she does the opposite, so we joke and I literally tell her to cheat on me so that she laughs and doesn’t.

  10. I’m an Aquarius female married to a libra male. I believe we love each other but still fight most time. My Libra hubby is the most caring guy I’ve ever met in my entire life.
    I want to really understand how to put in with him since we have a son already and he’s just too caring for me to quit but very difficult to really understand him.
    Please, i really need help.

  11. I don’t believe a female Aquarius with a Libra male relationship ifs ever a good idea! What devastation these two can create!

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