Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

You might think that two partners from adjoining zodiac signs would understand each other well and stand a good chance of romance. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the Libra man and Scorpio woman. Although their neighboring sign status does give them a karmic teacher-pupil link, it does little to help a very uncomfortable partnership to sustain itself over a lifetime.


libra-man-scorpio-woman-compatibilityMood Misunderstandings

Libra man and Scorpio woman compatibility doesn’t seem obvious. The Libra man is easy going, charming and laid back, whereas the Scorpio woman is full on, intense and edgy. These two are different enough in nature to be intrigued by one another, which will be how they get together in the first place, but they operate on such very different levels that it’s hard to see how the relationship can thrive.

For the Libra man, an air sign, the world is an intellectual place. He explores his world through words, thoughts and debate. For the Scorpio woman, the world is a highly volatile and emotional place, and she explores her world by climbing to the heights and sinking to the depths, extremes of emotion which are completely alien to the Libra man. And here’s the first sign of cracks in Libra man Scorpio woman compatibility – he does not understand her moods; she does not understand his serenity.

In the bedroom, the deeply sexual Scorpio woman is certainly the one taking the lead; her slightly aloof Libra male lover will be bowled over by her passion to begin with, but will eventually grow to resent the way she can use sex to manipulate him or as a weapon within their relationship. Elsewhere in the relationship, issues of who’s in charge are always simmering away. The Scorpio woman has a very powerful personality, but she belongs to a fixed sign. It’s her way or the highway. The Libra man feels, quite rightly, that he can probably make better decisions than she can, and being a cardinal sign he won’t be slow to take the lead when he feels it’s right to do so. This will cause his Scorpio woman to smile sweetly, and then seethe, manipulate and plot revenge in the background. Libra man Scorpio woman compatibility pits a very fair minded guy against a woman who’s quite prepared to be underhand, and it’s not always a pretty sight.


libra-man-compatibility-scorpio-womanJealous Demands

The Scorpio woman finds the Libra man too lightweight. He doesn’t express a depth of feeling which anywhere near matches hers, and she dismisses his intellectual approach out of hand. The Libra man finds the Scorpio woman too emotionally unstable. He will quickly tire of not knowing which kind of Scorpio he’s coming home to each night, as this isn’t the stable partnership he’s been seeking all his life. Libra man Scorpio woman compatibility struggles because neither partner really gives the other what they’re seeking.

Another area of contention in this relationship is jealousy. The Scorpio woman is exceptionally jealous and will resent her Libra man’s social popularity with other woman. Deep down, she’s savvy enough to know that he’s faithful by nature, but that won’t stop her lashing out in a jealous fury. The Libra man finds this deeply hurtful and unfair, and he just can’t fathom what her problem is. Sometimes, he will give in to her demands in an effort to show good faith or to heal the relationship, but the Scorpio woman doesn’t know when to stop, and will keep making demands which the even handed Libra man will find increasingly irrational and difficult.

Ultimately, Libra man Scorpio woman compatibility can be deeply wounding for both partners. It’s easy to see how the Scorpio woman is able to draw blood, but as the relationship breaks down, the Libra man will start to withdraw, and in the end his aloof indifference to his Scorpio woman will hurt her more than anything – if there’s one thing she can’t cope with, it’s indifference. Sadly, in this relationship, neither partner really “gets” the other, and it’s such a shame that they can hurt one another so much before calling it a day.

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