Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman

When the Sagittarius man and Libra woman fall in love, what ensues can be a battle between freedom and commitment. This fire/air sign match is a difficult one to pin down – sometimes it works through sheer force of will, but this is not a natural partnership.


sagittarius-man-libra-woman-compatibilityAn Abstract Bond

That’s not to say that the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman can’t be great friends, however. It’s on a friendship level that this relationship works best, in fact. The couple do share some intellectual bonds – the Sagittarius man is a highly intelligent and philosophical being, and the Libra woman, being an air sign, also deals in intellect and ideas. In their own ways, both partners are highly idealistic too – that’s why the Sagittarius man is on an eternal quest for “something better” in life, and why the Libra woman is always looking for her absolutely perfect partner. Sagittarius man Libra woman compatibility works on this abstract, mental level.

On a more physical level, it’s not such a clear cut story. The Sagittarius man is a fire sign, and as such brings a huge amount of passion and ardour to his relationships. The Libra woman is romantic, but she cannot match the sensuality and sexuality of her Sagittarius man. She’ll enjoy being swept off her feet, but as the relationship matures, she’d probably rather have a good debate than a bedroom tryst. Sexually speaking, Sagittarius man Libra woman compatibility leaves a good deal to be desired.


sagittarius-man-compatibility-libra-womanFootloose Fidelity

It’s difficult to see how this couple can overcome one other fundamental flaw in their relationship. The Libra woman needs to know that her partner is hers and hers alone, forever. She values commitment to love over and above perhaps anyone else in the zodiac, and she is desperate for a long term relationship. The Sagittarius man, however, is footloose and fancy free, and really not interested in settling down. Even once married and “domesticated”, he will still retain a roving eye to an extent which will frighten and alarm his gentle Libra woman. Sagittarius man and Libra woman compatibility will always struggle with the thorny issue of fidelity.

The Sagittarius man is not trying to hurt the Libra woman with his affairs or flirtations; there’s no malice in him, whatsoever. He just cannot tame this wild side, and his love of freedom means that he feels he should be free to do as he pleases, provided he is kind to his Libra lady and supports her in other ways. In his own way, he feels that this meets his fair minded standards, and should meet hers too – because the Libra woman is big on fairness and justice. It doesn’t meet her standards, of course, and why should it? For the Sagittarius man and Libra woman, compatibility means getting used to a push me pull me relationship which is far less secure than the Libra woman would like.

Ultimately, although she loves her Sagittarius man, the Libra woman may just decide that the relationship is too risky for her. She may be in love with the idea of love, but this cardinal lady has a strong instinct for self preservation, and will not hang around indefinitely to be hurt many years down the line; Sagittarius man Libra woman compatibility is undoubtedly a good thing for the Sagittarius guy, but for the Libra woman the matter is much less clear cut.

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