Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

When the Pisces man falls in love with a Taurus woman, the resulting water earth match can provide something both partners need, in an enduring and stable relationship.


pisces-man-taurus-woman-compatibilityGentle Trust

It’s the Pisces man’s big heart which appeals first to the Taurus woman. She is a kind hearted woman herself, and she has a soft spot for men who are in touch with their gentle side. For the Pisces man, it’s the Taurus woman’s inner stability which attracts him. She is quiet, but quietly confident, and he senses that she has her emotions under control. Fascinated by each other, this couple will get together and quickly discover that they like each other even more than they thought. It’s a strong start for Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility.

The Pisces man is a very gentle and spiritual guy, but he does sometimes struggle to control his emotions, and is prone to a lot of mood swings and tempestuous feelings. The Taurus woman provides him with a rock of stability and certainty in his otherwise uncertain world. He know he can trust her, and that she will always be there for him. In return, the Pisces man provides the Taurus woman with endless romance and undying love – he is a true romantic and knows exactly how to make her feel loved and cherished. He can also show the Taurus woman how to embrace her deeper emotions, and can free up her imagination. Both partners can benefit tremendously from Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility.

The Taurus woman can be very possessive in love, but the Pisces man doesn’t mind this so much. It makes him feel loved and secure. The Pisces man can be prone to romantic fantasies and whims which never quite make it into reality, but the Taurus woman doesn’t mind this so much either – it makes her feel adored. Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility remains strong, because the couple understand how to connect on both an emotional and a sexual level, creating a steamy and sensual love life together.


pisces-man-compatibility-taurus-womanA Mismatch of Expectations?

The relationship may run into slight problems when it comes to expectations for the long term, however. The Taurus woman works hard to create stability for herself and her family, and she will rightly expect her Pisces man to do likewise. He will try, but he is a creative soul and isn’t great at sticking to mundane jobs. He may flit from one to another, or try to make a living in an artistic way which is never secure enough for the Taurus woman. Occasionally, she may sulk, or brand him lazy, both of which will hurt him deeply. However, she will soon feel guilty and will make it up to him. Pisces man and Taurus woman compatibility works well when the Taurus woman remembers why she fell in love in the first place.

Likewise, the Pisces man may expect the Taurus woman to abandon reality and join him in a dream world. This she cannot and will not do. He’s going to have to dip a toe into the waters of reality if he wants to hang onto her, and that includes finding a way to pay the bills. The Pisces man thinks she’s worth it, however, and will do his very best. He belongs to a  mutable, flexible sign, and is perfectly capable of knuckling down when he has to – at least until the next emotional storm lays him low.

Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility is strong even when life throws them problems. The Pisces man may sink into depression, but the Taurus woman has the compassionate common sense needed to lift him out of it. The Taurus woman, for her part, may turn sulky or passive aggressive when life doesn’t go well, but the Pisces man can remind her how magical life can be and help her find her enthusiasm again. It’s a beautiful relationship, and built to last.

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