Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is very intense, very direct and very sexual. If she is single and looking for love, she’ll be upfront about her intentions, whether she’s interested in you just for the night or potentially forever. She is a highly passionate woman, and in some ways the archetypal femme fatale – irresistible, yet something of an enigma and dangerous when scorned. Scorpio woman compatibility is quite demanding, but highly rewarding for the right kind of man.


Wild Moodsscorpio-woman-compatibility

The typical Scorpio woman is very independent and self-sufficient. She doesn’t actually need a man, so if she chooses you she expects you to take it as a compliment. She is tactile, expressive and emotional, and will lead you to both the highest highs and the lowest lows. Prone to depression and unpredictable moods, she is nonetheless a delight to be around when she’s feeling good – it’s her partner’s job to keep her feeling that way, if he values his peace and quiet. For the Scorpio woman, compatibility can sometimes be as simple as knowing when to leave her alone and when to make her feel special. Her moods are complex.

As you get to know your Scorpio woman, you’ll quickly discover that she’s a law unto herself. She is a deeply ethical person, but her values are her own and may not match society’s. She will not conform or do as she’s told, but she can be very manipulative in getting her own way and is not above using sex as a weapon to do so. Ordinarily, however, she does not flirt – she doesn’t need to. She has an aura which finds men falling at her feet; it’s a combination of sexuality and power which is unique to the Scorpio female. In order to work best, Scorpio woman compatibility requires her male partner to understand her deeply.


scorpio-female-compatibilityBrooding Personality

Single minded, determined and ambitious, the Scorpio woman is a force to be reckoned with, but once in a committed relationship, she becomes more relaxed and more open to fun. She will always be an intense personality, but she broods less when she’s happy, and is genuinely tender and sincere to her lover. Wrong her at your peril, however, since her vengeful tendencies are legendary.

In a happy relationship, the Scorpio woman is a great Mom and an inventive, intensely supportive partner. She doesn’t like men who need babying, but she does appreciate hard work and effort, and will be your right hand woman if you’re trying to achieve something tangible. She appreciates her partner’s romantic efforts, but likes to take the upper hand in any decisions about the relationship. For a Scorpio woman, compatibility is an ever-changing business; as her moods change, so does what she wants from her partner, which can be a very difficult thing for the partner to manage. Nonetheless, she is deeply loving. For a man who can handle the intensity, Scorpio woman compatibility can be the emotional experience of a lifetime.

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