Leo Man

The Leo man is instantly recognizable by his proud, regal demeanor. Whatever his circumstances in life, he stands tall and commands attention. He is a natural leader, and his charisma draws people to him. He has a certain amount of charm too and can usually beguile people into doing what he wants. He enjoys attention and likes to be liked. Leo man compatibility depends upon his partner’s ability to make him feel adored.


Popularity is Everythingleo-man-compatibility

A generous and exciting companion, the Leo male knows how to have fun. He is warm hearted, tolerant and open-minded, but his self-confidence can border on arrogance at times. He wants things done his way or not at all, and is definitely bossy. He is usually surrounded by admirers of both sexes and holds court with good humor. Leo man compatibility works best with a well balanced woman who understands that his popularity isn’t in competition with her.

When it comes to physical affection and sex, the Leo man is a playful lover, and will enjoy making his partner feel special. However, he can become domineering and bad tempered when the relationship is not going so well, and is not above using sex (or the lack of it) as a weapon against his lover.

For the Leo man, compatibility means finding a partner who believes in him. He is very ambitious, and will want a partner who looks the part in a social setting. Good grooming is important to him, and he always makes the best of himself, so he will expect this from his partner too. Leo man compatibility may mean spending a lot of time at the beautician! Deep down, however, he is not superficial and understands the real meaning of love. What the Leo man values more than anything is commitment. He is very faithful himself, and reasonably enough expects the same in return.


Keeping up Appearancesleo-male-compatibility

Loyalty is also very important to the Leo man, and he will be deeply hurt if his partner gossips about him to her girlfriends. Dignity is another driving motivation, and he will become angry if his partner lets the side down in public. Behind closed doors, however, the Leo man is generous with his time and affection, and will love nothing more than to spend a lazy day wrapped in his partner’s arms. He is romantic and idealistic at heart, and will work hard to create his perfect, dream family.

The Leo man does have a sense of nobility and entitlement, however, and does in some ways consider himself to be superior. It’s important for Leo man compatibility that his partner acknowledges this in some way. He’s very happy to have a bright, intelligent, beautiful woman as his partner, but if she is wise, she will flatter his strengths while underplaying her own, at least occasionally. In return, she can expect his support, protection and favor, and will enjoy an exciting and intoxicating ride as the King’s partner and lover.

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