Leo in Love: Such Drama!

The over-riding emotional need for a Leo is to be loved and adored – worshipped, even! It’s not by accident that Leo represents royalty in mythology. You have such a huge personality and such a warmth and joy about you that, fortunately, it’s not difficult to find people willing to do all that loving and adoring. Leo compatibility is wide ranging because you’re fundamentally an easy to get on with person, but there are a few pitfalls to watch out for when you’re searching for true love.

Everything you do is couched in the most dramatic terms possible. With you, Leo, you’re never just “in love” – you’re overwhelmingly, all-consumingly in the most amazing relationship in the history of the world, like, ever….. or your desperately, heart-breakingly, supremely morosely single. There’s no half way house, because all of your emotions are exaggerated. It follows that there’s rarely a dull moment in a Leo relationship, whether things are going well or not – so whoever is hoping for Leo compatibility needs to fasten their seatbelts for a bit of a wild ride.

In return for the devotion and adoration of your partner, you as a Leo offer great generosity, both financially and emotionally, as well as an expressive, demonstrative nature, a lot of charisma, a striving for luxury and the opportunity for your partner to bask in your reflected glory. You hope. Seems like a good deal, no? Yes – but. As ever, the true compatibility test lies in how you and your partner cope when the chips are down. As a Leo, you need to be in charge, you demand attention and you absolutely must run the show. This domineering attitude can cause problems for Leo compatibility, and it’s not helped by your dogmatic nature and what can sometimes border on pure arrogance.

Have a look at an Astromatcha star sign compatibility report if you’re already in a relationship, and get some tips on how you can tone down any problems in your love match while still remaining true to yourself. Of course, there are ways to overcome any relationship problem if you’re both in love, and your Leo strengths will help you there. You are passionate and determined by nature, and not one to give up on a partnership without much effort. Behind the sunny, confident exterior, most people don’t realise that you Leos are actually very easily hurt, because you’re so emotionally idealistic – the best Leo compatibility is with a playful, youthful star sign that will love your exuberance and just raise a critical eyebrow or two over your bossiness.

Your fellow fire signs can be good Leo compatibility matches, although when you mix fire with fire, there’s a good chance someone’s going to get burnt. Air signs have the rationality to accept your leadership when it’s good, and to put you in your place when necessary, so there are good possibilities there. An earth sign can help ground you but can also stifle your love of life, whereas a water sign partner could become completely dominated by you – great for you, no doubt, but not so hot for them!

The key to a successful relationship for you, Leo, is to understand fine lines – the fine line between charisma and arrogance, for one, and the fine line between excitement and manufactured drama, for another. Your tendency to create drama out of nothing, just for the hell of it, can be exhausting for some partners, and no amount of creative loving, generous gifts and lavish affection is going to make up for an unstable, volatile relationship if your partner is the kind who craves stability. The good news is that when you do find your perfect partner, you’ll be in it for keeps. Once smitten, you’re highly loyal, so when Leo compatibility does come along, there’s very little chance of you straying elsewhere or deliberately sabotaging the relationship. If we take longevity as being a true compatibility test, then the Leo in the right relationship will certainly pass the test with flying colours.



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