Libra Man

Perhaps the most overtly romantic of all males, the Libra man is an idealist on a lifelong quest for his perfect match. Like a fairytale prince, he hopes one day to meet his princess, but he may suffer a great deal of heartbreak on the way. For the Libra man compatibility is a major priority – he doesn’t feel complete without a partner, and his self-esteem is poorly affected when he is single.


Vanity and Groominglibra-man-compatibility

The typical Libra man is graceful, both physically and by nature. He is athletic too, but rather vain in terms of his appearance. Well groomed, charming and fashionable, he’s very much a social animal and doesn’t like spending time alone. He’s a lavish spender, whether he can afford to be or not, and loves to spend his money on luxuries like art. Intellectual and diplomatic, he’s very popular with the opposite sex, but deep down he’s a little unsure of himself and constantly needs reassurance that he looks good and is doing well.

Libra man compatibility works best with a confident and independent female. When he falls in love, the Libra male will become all consumed and quite clingy, so he needs a mate who will doggedly pursue her own interests outside the relationship, in order to avoid over-dependence. When dating, the Libra man goes all out to set a romantic scene, but it’s not just show – he really does want to please, and is an excellent listener. He will put you at your ease straight away, and it’s easy to sense that he is genuinely interested in what you have to say.


Idealistic Lover

As you get to know your Libra man, you’ll notice that he only has eyes for you. Libra doesn’t do infidelity as a general rule – they want idealistic love, so won’t do anything which would risk a breakup. Attentive though he is, and flattering though this may be, some women will find the Libra man a little too desperate for their liking. Libra man compatibility is at its best when it just happens, rather than as the result of a long pursuit. If you go through a break up stage, you can expect your Libra man to do everything in his power to win you back again; an unscrupulous woman could easily take advantage of his eagerness to love her.

libra-male-compatibilityLibra is an air sign, and as such the Libra man is not overtly sexual. Of course he enjoys sex, but it’s not his top priority. He would rather enjoy the sunset with you while romantic music plays in the background; in his mind, sex and love are not quite the same thing. Libra man compatibility means that this guy will never, ever forget his partner’s birthday or their anniversary; indeed, he will go out of his way to make every day a romantic experience.

When life is going well, the Libra man in love is laid back, happy, gregarious and pleasant to be with. When there is trouble on the horizon, however, he will panic. The end of a relationship is the end of the world to a Libra man; compatibility for him means a life together, through thick and thin, not just until one of you gets fed up. The Libra male will do almost anything to save a relationship, and will be emotionally heartbroken if he cannot. Although he looks suave and sophisticated, his heart is extremely vulnerable – it’s quite a responsibility to be involved with a Libra man!

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