5 Easy Steps to Loving a Gemini

In terms of compatibility, Gemini relationships with any sign are a lot like parent-child relationships because of Gemini’s eternally youthful outlook on life. If you’ve captured the heart of one of these social butterflies, you’ve found one of the most charming and fascinating individuals in astrology. Zodiac sign compatibility is only a guide, but read on for some easy ways to keep your relationship with your Gemini moving in the right direction.

1 – Communicate!

It sounds so simple, yet it’s often the hardest part to sustain in love compatibility! Gemini relationships are almost entirely dependent on how well and how much you communicate. Gemini is the consummate communicator, able to fluently express his or her feelings, ideas and wants, both verbally and in writing. If you’re less fluent or verbose, you might struggle getting your point across in the face of such eloquence, but keep trying. Clamming up and refusing to talk is just about the worst thing you can to do to a Gemini, and is pretty much certain to spell the end of your relationship. Talk, talk, talk, or write a note if you must – but keep communicating, in good times and bad.

2 – Indulge the Inner Child

Gemini is playful and mischievous by nature, which may well be part of what you fell in love with in the first place. To keep your relationship strong and boost your compatibility, Gemini needs to know that you too are willing to have fun. Find every excuse to play and to laugh, and to not take life too seriously. When you need to have weighty conversations, try to lighten them up where possible, or even provide a reward at the end of the heavy bit – just like you might with a child. Gemini struggles with emotionally intense encounters and needs this kind of light relief.

3 – Free your Imagination

In sexual compatibility, Gemini operates as much on a mental level as a physical one. This imaginative, intelligent, creative sign likes to pretend, so indulge in some role play or make believe fantasies in order to keep your love life fresh and energetic. Let your imagination lose beyond your sex life too, when buying gifts for your Gemini lover, or choosing holiday destinations. Use it to come up with lateral thinking solutions to problems in your relationship too, and you’ll find that your Gemini partner much appreciates your willingness to think outside the box.

4 – Provide Reassurance

Despite being outwardly confident and sociable, Gemini’s inner child can be quite nervous in love. He or she needs lots of reassurance that you still love them, especially after an argument or a row. As flirty as Gemini is, they almost never flirt with intent, so be sure not to misread this flirtatiousness as being a threat to you – it isn’t. Don’t retaliate with extra flirting yourself, because that sends entirely the wrong messages to your nervy Gemini, who will start to doubt your own commitment. Compatibility Gemini style means not reading too much into the sometimes fickle behaviour of your lover.

5 – Educate Yourselves

One of the eternal students of the zodiac, Gemini loves to be always learning something new. To increase your joint compatibility, Gemini would love it if you join in too. Take some evening classes together, or take up the same hobby and learn from one another. Anything you can do which gives you more to talk about will increase the strength of your bond and will ratchet up the adoration Gemini feels for you too.

Do you have a question about compatibility? Gemini relationships can be tremendous fun and very lively, but there are potential pitfalls too. Ask our astrologer if you need advice on your relationship. Remember though that in astrology, zodiac sign compatibility is only a small part of the story – order an Astromatcha astrology compatibility report for a full low down on your Gemini love match.

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