Leo and Scorpio Compatibility: The Royal and the Sorcerer

What king or queen couldn’t do with a mysterious sorcerer at their side? And what sorcerer could resist influencing the king or queen and thereby gaining the power they seek? Leo and Scorpio compatibility is a complex dynamic, creating an all consuming relationship which can rise to great heights or sink to shocking depths, either way taking both partners on a ride they’ll never forget.

Leo and Scorpio are both immensely powerful personalities. There is a sexual chemistry between these two which is very obvious, and an intensity to their emotional connection which draws them together even in spite of themselves. At its best, this relationship is passionate, fiercely loyal and very fast moving. For Leo and Scorpio, compatibility is underpinned by a karmic link which is hard for either to break. However, the relationship is characterised by extreme drama, frightening arguments and a depth of vengefulness which can be pretty alarming. When these two fight, you do not want to be in the vicinity – and Scorpio in particular will bear a grudge for a very, very long time.

The main problem is that both signs are on a quest for power, albeit in very different ways. The strong willed Royal of the zodiac more than meets his or her match in Scorpio the Sorcerer, but what Leo will obtain through sheer force of personality, Scorpio will obtain, if necessary, by more manipulative and underhand methods. Both are fixed signs, unwilling to compromise, and both can be intensely jealous. Leo and Scorpio compatibility always seems to turn into an all or nothing situation. While these two may not find it easy to live together, they also won’t find it easy to stay apart, and for that reason there’s a kind of fateful aura about the relationship.

To understand Scorpio and Leo compatibility, it helps to consider the ruling planets and elements of the two zodiac signs. Scorpio is a water sign, which could mean that he or she puts out Leo’s fire – except that Scorpio is a special case. The historic ruler of this sign is Mars, which lends Scorpio many fire traits, so in some ways this relationship can be considered a fire and fire match. There is certainly a shared level of energy here. Scorpio’s other ruler is Pluto, the planet of regeneration, destruction and reinvention. Powerful Pluto is more than a match for Leo’s ruler, the Sun, and indeed Scorpio can stand up to Leo’s fury like no other sign. For both Leo and Scorpio, compatibility exerts such a pull that neither partner may fully understand why they can’t either make the relationship work or move on.

If this couple can navigate the choppy waters of this dramatic relationship, they can find a stability – of sorts. Emotional security is important to Scorpio, and Leo compatibility works best from a stable base too. Can this couple achieve that? Well, Leo is attracted to the mysterious Sorcerer’s enigmatic presence, while Scorpio is likewise attracted to the Royal’s charisma. Scorpio has difficulty trusting other people, but Leo is sufficiently open and genuine to assuage Scorpio’s fears in that department. If Leo is willing to tolerate Scorpio’s emotional manipulation, and if Scorpio can learn to put up with Leo’s bossiness, then the couple can achieve a relationship of utter devotion and loyalty. It will still be punctuated by extreme fights and fallings out, but the chemistry which draws them together in the first place may be enough to keep them together. For Leo and Scorpio compatibility in the long term, forgiveness is key.

This is a relationship then which can move from one extreme to another at lightning speed, but which can also give both partners so much joy and satisfaction during the good times. Sexual, heated, steamy and filled with drama, it’s not a relationship for the faint hearted, but both Scorpio and Leo are strong enough to cope. Whether they come together for a few weeks or a lifetime, Leo and Scorpio compatibility is raw, but so irresistible for both partners.

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