Capricorn in Love: Cool, Calm and Collected

As a zodiac sign, Capricorn is known for its prudence, and it is your prudent attitude towards romance which marks you out in love, too. You’re very careful with your affections, and you won’t throw yourself at just anybody – Capricorns are very choosy, thank you very much, and you demand high standards of behaviour from your lover. You have a somewhat unfair reputation for giving status a higher priority than love when you choose a partner, but it is true that on the Capricorn compatibility list, ambitious partners will score more highly than laid back ones, all other things being equal. After all, you like to get on in life, so it makes sense to choose a partner who is similarly upwardly mobile.

So what is it that determines Capricorn compatibility? Well, emotionally, you are quite reserved and private. That’s not to say that you don’t have feelings, of course, just that you tend to keep yourself to yourself. If a more easy going sign might be said to have its heart on its sleeve, your heart would be tucked away safely inside a hidden seam of an undergarment. Out of sight, protected and only to be found by the most determined seeker! For a Capricorn, relationship compatibility with someone is almost never instant – you have to work at your relationships, and you’re not afraid to do so. You are realistic to a fault, and you know that nobody is perfect; once you find someone worth hanging on to, you’ll let down your protective barriers and find ways to work together for the benefit of you both. As a Capricorn, you are also wise beyond your years; in fact, your mythological archetype is the sage. This inner wisdom is evident in how unbothered you are by being single – you are more than happy to bide your time until the right person comes along.

Many Capricorns choose to delay settling into a permanent relationship until they’ve got where they want to get professionally. For some of you, love and a family of your own are just one more goal on that to-do list, and not anywhere near the top one either. You take a slightly calculating view of Capricorn compatibility, staying aloof from new friends and acquaintances until you can be sure they’re worth your time. This can mean that others find you a little bit stand-offish, or even intimidating.

Your sometimes severe manner, however, hides a delightfully charming and witty personality. You are intelligent, self-deprecating and knowledgeable, with a will or iron – your partners quickly discover that having you on their side is a very powerful boost indeed. Capricorn compatibility with fellow earth signs is usually strong, as you value common sense and grounded emotions. Fire signs, however, can prove altogether too reckless and unpredictable for your liking. Both air and water signs can be a good match for you, provided you give one another a fair hearing.

When your relationship is going well, you will be a loyal, loving and steadfast partner. When it’s not going quite so well, you will maintain a cool head in a crisis. You have tremendous inner reserves of strength, coupled with immense patience, so you don’t give up on a relationship without a fight. This tenacity means that many more sign combinations than you might think make for good Capricorn compatibility – when you are in love, you are always willing to give your partner the benefit of the doubt, which is a huge help. Indeed, for a Capricorn, relationship compatibility really is something which can be deliberately forged out of the most unlikely matches if the will is there.

Most Capricorns are quite fatalistic by nature and do believe that what’s meant to be, will be. Although most astrologers don’t believe that our futures are predetermined in this way, a good star sign compatibility report from Astromatcha can help you as a Capricorn make the most of your personal strengths, thereby freeing you to enjoy your full potential as a lover and a partner. There’s much more to Capricorn compatibility than meets the eye, because beyond your sober and serious public side there is a gem of a personality waiting to emerge.


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