Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

The relationship between a Capricorn man and a Libra woman is a difficult one, since both partners want very different things from life. This earth and air sign relationship tries hard, but the couple will find it hard to discover common ground.


capricorn-man-libra-woman-compatibilityCharming But Awkward

Right from the start, the staid, conservative Capricorn man and the lively, sociable Libra woman are an awkward match. She loves to socialize and to mix and to discuss her ideas; he likes to work and to stay at home, and is a man of few words. They are both seeking a stable and enduring partnership, but that’s about it for initial Capricorn man Libra woman compatibility.

It’s not that there isn’t an attraction, of course. The Libra woman is exceedingly charming, and the Capricorn man can hardly fail to notice that. For her part, the Libra woman is attracted to the Capricorn man’s strong, silent type image, and is keen to see if she can discover what lies beneath. In the bedroom, however, this couple don’t quite to get to grips with sexual chemistry. The Capricorn man does have an inner sensuality, and the Libra woman is highly romantic, but the magic just isn’t quite there. For Capricorn man and Libra woman compatibility, the early signs are not great.

The problem with this relationship really is that both signs lack a certain passion. The Capricorn man’s emotions are cool and well controlled, while the Libra woman, as an air sign, intellectualizes her emotions and holds them at arm’s length. The couple don’t really connect on an emotional level, and that will always hold back Capricorn man Libra woman compatibility.


capricorn-man-compatibility-libra-womanSkirting Around the Issues

The Capricorn man will find it difficult to deal with the Libra woman’s desire for an active social life, while the Libra woman will find it difficult to deal with the Capricorn man’s devotion to his career. If the couple can agree to lead relatively separate lives then this relationship could work…but that’s not what either of them are seeking. For the Libra woman in particular, the idea of separate lives would fill her with horror. What she wants is a passionate, caring, romantic man who will fulfil her dreams forever. What she gets is an accountant with his eye on the time and only a raised eyebrow or two to indicate what he’s feeling. The Capricorn man wants a woman who will share his commitment to building a life, not a woman who wants to float around in a romantic bubble. Capricorn man and Libra woman compatibility just doesn’t satisfy either partner.

Not even a good argument can clear the air for this couple. They will instead skirt around important issues, never quite losing their tempers but never getting anywhere either. The Capricorn man will not negotiate on his stance, while the Libra woman will want to negotiate and re-negotiate every last little thing. From an emotional mismatch to a lack of sexual chemistry and disagreements over things such as money and parenting, the lack of Capricorn man Libra woman compatibility means that this relationship rarely stands the test of time.

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