Gemini Man and Taurus Woman

A relationship between a Gemini man and a Taurus woman may struggle to get off the ground initially. Once this couple get to know one another, they do have shared strengths, however, so the relationship could bloom – but in the long term, this isn’t one of the zodiac’s more natural pairings, and Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility can flounder easily.


gemini-man-taurus-woman-compatibilityFast versus Slow

The most fundamental difference between these two partners is the speed at which they live life. The Taurus woman is cautious, deep thinking and slow to change. She likes stability and the status quo. The Gemini man, on the other hand, lives life at a breakneck speed. He thinks fast, moves fast, decides fast and reacts fast – and his patience could quickly be tried with his much more staid Taurus woman. Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility will need to overcome these speed differences if it is to stand a chance at all.

It’s not that this couple don’t appreciate one another. They do. The Taurus woman appreciates the Gemini man’s intellect and he can show her how to have a little more fun in life. The Gemini man appreciates the Taurus woman’s common sense and grounded nature, and her deep rooted sensuality. She can show him the value of slowing down and taking your time, especially in the bedroom. Sexually, this is a good match to begin with, but the Gemini man doesn’t quite deliver the depth of passion the Taurus woman is hoping for. It’s all bit on the superficial side.


gemini-man-compatibility-taurus-womanDifferences Breed Mistrust

A major problem for this couple will be jealousy and possessiveness. This all comes from the Taurus woman – the Gemini man doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body. He will flirt like crazy, however, even only in jest, and his Taurus woman simply won’t understand how he can behave that way. She will find it disrespectful, and being an earth sign, she is big on respect. For the Gemini man and Taurus woman, compatibility means finding a way to show mutual respect, even when they find each other’s behavior….difficult.

The Taurus woman is looking for a stable, sensible, life-long partnership, where she can really put down roots and feel safe and secure. The Gemini man is, deep down, looking for roughly the same thing, but he doesn’t know it. As such, he will take the whole relationship much more light-heartedly than she does, and he doesn’t understand how much it hurts the Taurus woman when commitment is withheld. From differences over their social life (she wants to stay in, he wants to go out) to differences with money (she earns it, he spends it), the Gemini man and Taurus woman compatibility levels are hard to sustain.

If the Gemini man Taurus woman relationship is to work over the long term, both partners will have to adapt. The Gemini man belongs to a mutable sign, so adaptability is something he’s good at, and he may be willing to do so in order to hang on to his sensual Taurus lady. She, however, doesn’t “do” change, for anyone, or anything. Ultimately, it may be the Taurus woman’s stubbornness which sounds the death knell for Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility.

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