Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: The Visionary and the Homemaker

This interesting zodiac sign match has great potential for change. Not only might the couple change one another for the better, but together these two can change the world into the bargain. Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is not necessarily love at first sight, though. Aquarius is a free thinking, super-rational rebel, while Cancer is a soft and loving homebody with a liking for the tried and tested. It’s not the most obvious match, but let’s dig a little deeper.

For an Aquarius, love compatibility is something of an intellectual exercise. This cool, detached air sign will look first and foremost for someone to relate to on a mental level. For Cancer, on the other hand, love is an instinctive gut reaction. The Cancer person’s sensitive, emotionally-led feelings will pretty much always over-rule their powers of logic. With such a basic mismatch on an emotional level, what is it that attracts these two signs together? What is Aquarius and Cancer compatibility based on?

Both signs are exceptionally caring, and it’s this shared compassion which may well draw them together in the first place. Of course, the compassion is directed in different directions – Cancer will move heaven and earth to protect and minister to their loved ones, while Aquarius will happily ignore loved ones in order to carry out good deeds for the underprivileged. They do admire one another’s efforts, though, and in a long term relationship will work together to care for – well, everyone! Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is first and foremost about a fairly selfless union, with neither partner demanding a selfish amount of attention.

Where the relationship could run into major issues is over Cancer’s possessive streak versus Aquarius’ absolute and total need for independence. Cancer needs to know where Aquarius is at all times, what they’re doing, who they’re with, why, and when they’ll be home. Aquarius will resent this – and the Cancer partner will resent the fact that she can go out all day and not even get one text from Aquarius checking up on her. This is where Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is going to need some compromise. Cancer must learn not to suffocate Aquarius, while Aquarius must shed some of that emotional aloofness and learn to look interested!

It’s worth remembering that these two zodiac signs are from different elements. When you’re dealing with an air sign like Aquarius, love compatibility is often more unspoken than explicit. Sure, Aquarius has a romantic streak – of sorts. In the beginning, at least, there will be the odd bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine, but it won’t be long before Aquarius feels that it no longer needs saying. An emotional water sign like Cancer, however, needs to say “I love you” often – and needs to hear it said even more often. If the willpower isn’t there on both sides to understand the other’s different way of emotional expression, Aquarius and Cancer compatibility can be one air and water mix which can turn into a tropical storm rather than a rainbow.

One thing Aquarius and Cancer do share, however, is a high level of determination. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and will not waver from his or her purpose. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and will always take action in pursuit of their goals. The key to a wonderful relationship here is for both partners to make the most of the other’s strengths. Cancer can bring a warmth and a depth to Aquarius’ overly rational mind, while Aquarius can bring some new ways of thinking to Cancer’s sometimes stuck in the mud attitude. If you can agree on progressive ways of parenting, for instance, both partners’ wishes will be fulfilled, with Cancer enjoying family life and Aquarius happy that his or her avant garde ideals have been listened to. When the best of both signs is blended together, Aquarius and Cancer compatibility can be good.

Although not a straightforward match, then, the chances for this relationship to succeed long term are cautiously optimistic. A shared sense of purpose is key, although both partners must be careful they don’t end up more like brother and sister than lovers – keeping the passion alive here could be tricky. With some effort from both Aquarius and Cancer, compatibility is certainly possible – and when these two combine their caring instincts, who knows what might follow? Set up an institution for orphans in a third world country and both of you will be blissfully happy!

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