Libra in Love: Kittens, Rainbows and Cupids

Oooh, feel the love! Libra is so much in love with the idea of love itself that you tend to live your life like the pages in a slushy romantic novel. Romance is never far from your mind and you yearn for the perfect partner in order to make your life complete – because Libra, of all signs, does not do single. The need for a life partner is deeply embedded in your psyche, so Libra compatibility is a very high priority in your life. If you’re single, you want to find someone; if you’re with someone, you’re desperate to keep them.

For the Libra woman, compatibility means the ultimate romantic dream. As a mythological archetype, Libra is the idealist, or the damsel in distress. She wants a hero, a knight in shining armour, a prince to whisk her off to her castle. If what she gets is Nigel from accounts on his moped, she might spend much of her time wondering what’s missing from her dream. Libra men are typically (only slightly) more realistic about love, but will still hanker over the perfect relationship, probably failing to see how what they already have could be perfect Libra compatibility, right under their noses.

As a Libra in love, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that you wear rose tinted glasses when it comes to choosing a lover. You are charming, sociable and flirtatious, so many people are naturally attracted to you, but your Libra compatibility prospects do suffer from your inability to be discriminating in who you choose. Because you’re so desperate for a partnership, you will sometimes enter into relationships which are at best, unwise, and at worst potentially abusive or dangerous. Once in, it’s very hard for you to disentangle yourself and you prefer to put your partner on a pedestal and make excuses for their faults, clinging to the relationship at all costs.

You hate imbalance and discord, and you will go to great lengths to play the diplomat during an argument, even to the point of sacrificing your own best interests. Anything for a quiet life? This need for balance and calm can be a true problem for Libra compatibility, as stronger signs can take advantage of your accommodating nature. Have a look at a star sign compatibility report from Astromatcha for some good ideas on how the balance of power is working out in your relationship, and what you can do to make the relationship more equal.

Should temptation come your way, you find it very hard to resist, so you are not the most faithful of signs. It’s not that you mean to hurt your partner, but you love to be flattered, and Libra compatibility ratings will always rise with any sign which woos you and plays the romantic lead to perfection. You’re also quite gullible and easily fooled, because you believe the best of everyone, so this can cause problems with you being badly hurt or let down by someone with less than honest intentions. For the Libra woman, compatibility with a fire sign is a good bet, because these signs are fundamentally honest and straightforward, and will treat her like the lady she is. For the Libra man, an air sign provides a meeting of minds and romance too, and is a good match for a long term relationship.

Ultimately, however, for both sexes, Libra compatibility depends upon how realistic, or otherwise, your expectations are. It’s all very well having an idealised picture in your head of how you want your relationship to be, but in the real world someone has to pay the bills, someone has to take the trash out, someone has to deal with the difficult teenager and the awkward in-laws. Don’t ever give up on your perfect romance, but do make allowances for your partner as they try to live up to your high expectations, and do make allowances for stuff reality throws your way too. Sadly, we can’t stay living in a dream forever.

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