Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is something of an enigma to most who meet her – she is an earthy, sensual woman but she’s wrapped up in a defensive package which makes her appear shy, aloof or overly critical of others. Virgo woman compatibility requires a sensitive and persistent lover who can cut through the mask to get to know the real woman, but this requires patience and a whole lot of love.


Old Fashioned Moralsvirgo-woman-compatibility

The typical Virgo woman hates drama and will avoid it like the plague. She prefers a peaceful, non-threatening environment which makes her feel safe. Once she feels at ease, her personality quickly warms up, revealing a witty sense of humor, a self-deprecating charm and more than a hint of sexuality. Don’t expect her to go home with you on your first date, however – Virgo woman compatibility is old fashioned and strong on morals and values.

Once you get to know your Virgo woman, you’ll find a selfless, devoted partner whose principal concern is your happiness. She will do anything for you, even if it involves making sacrifices herself. In return, she asks only that you love her and show her some respect and gentleness. She is an excellent communicator and an intelligent woman in her own right, but she won’t push herself forwards at your expense. For  a healthy long term relationship with a Virgo woman, compatibility means knowing when to help her have her turn in the limelight.

The Virgo woman is practical, efficient and organized, and is an excellent friend or partner in times of trouble. She knows what to do and how to do it, and is sympathetic and kind to those who need her the most. Because she is not a particularly loud or domineering personality, however, she is vulnerable to those who would take advantage of her. If you truly love a Virgo woman, compatibility involves teaching her how to protect herself just as much as she loves to protect you.


virgo-female-compatibilityA Critical Nature

In a committed relationship, the Virgo woman is keen for both herself and her partner to better themselves. To this end, she will constantly suggest new things to try – which some will interpret as nagging. To be fair, she is just as critical (or more so) of herself as she is of her partner, but Virgo woman compatibility requires a mate who can understand the love and sincerity behind her words rather than taking offense at them.

When the relationship is going well, the Virgo woman is a wonderful partner. She is loving, encouraging and supportive at all times, an excellent home maker and a superb mother. If she feels secure in her home, she can be adventurous and quirky in her ideas for leisure time, and she will happily fit in with her partner’s dreams. In times of trouble, however, she can be surprisingly fast in her decision to move on. Ever practical, the Virgo woman will suggest counselling or marriage guidance in an attempt to save the relationship, but is realistic enough to know when the end of the road has been reached.

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