Cancer Man and Leo Woman

The Cancer man is only truly happy when he has someone to nurture and look after; the Leo woman is only truly happy when she has someone to adore her and to cater to her every desire. A match made in heaven, then, no? Well, maybe, maybe not. There’s more to Cancer man Leo woman compatibility than a queen and her adoring manservant.


cancer-man-leo-woman-compatibilityA Honeymoon Period

There is an instant attraction in this match. The Cancer man is in awe of the Leo woman’s confidence, flamboyance and passion. He’s flattered by her attention, and she in return is deeply thrilled to enjoy such a romantic and attentive guy. Once this couple get physical, the attraction is further underlined. As a fire and water match, this couple can enjoy a very steamy sex life indeed. For a while, then, this does seem like a good match. Where Cancer man Leo woman compatibility runs into trouble is after the honeymoon period is over.

The Leo woman needs to be constantly told how much she is loved. Up to a point, the loving Cancer guy will go along with this, because it’s in his basic nature to express his feelings in any case. After a while, however, his shrewdness will kick in and he will become aware that what she’s really seeking is superficial flattery. The Cancer man has little time for anything superficial, and will start to withdraw unless he receives some real emotional depth from his Leo woman.

For her part, the Leo woman is a demanding partner, but she does have a heart. She is a genuinely warm woman and will be dismayed by her Cancer lover moods. She will try very hard to fix things and to make it all right again, and to make him smile, but she doesn’t have the watery expertise to reach him once he’s in a mood. Instead, her sunny approach and her relentless optimism will start to grate on his nerves; he is much more realistic than she is, and will sense long before she does if the relationship is going wrong. When it comes to Cancer man Leo woman compatibility, the Leo woman can remain in denial for a very long time.


cancer-man-compatibility-leo-womanGathering Wealth and Stability

Eventually, however, the Leo woman will realize that her love and laughter are not making any inroads towards her now quite distant Cancer man. When she senses that she’s failed, she will become furious. The Leo woman doesn’t fail at anything, in her head, and especially not with men. Her anger will just build further resentment in the Cancer man, and before you know it the couple are worlds apart.

When life is going smoothly, however, Cancer man Leo woman compatibility can be strong. They do have shared interests. Both are keen to create a stable home life – the Leo woman belongs to a fixed sign, after all – and both can be quite materialistic. For the Cancer man, the focus on money is to do with emotional security rather than with ostentatious wealth; the Leo woman wants the wealth for the status it gives her, but still, they do agree on the basic principle.

This couple can therefore create quite a glamorous and outwardly successful life together. The Leo woman will always want the Cancer man to make more of himself, though, and will quietly resent his focus on the family, since it makes her appear to be a worse mother than she really is. This relationship is one of those which others may envy, if they only see the surface, but in which, behind closed doors, Cancer man and Leo woman compatibility is sorely tested on a daily basis.

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