Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

The Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman create a water/fire sign match, which is renowned for producing a steamy relationship in terms of sexual compatibility. Outside the bedroom, though, does this couple have what it takes?


scorpio-man-sagittarius-woman-compatibilityAn Element of Danger

The dark, brooding and intense Scorpio man seems an unlikely attraction for the free-ranging, uninhibited Sagittarius woman. She exudes joie-de-vivre, in stark contrast to his serious demeanor, and yet she finds something fascinating about him – perhaps she senses an element of danger from the Scorpion, which appeals to her sense of risk. It’s harder to see what attracts the Scorpio man to the Sagittarius woman, although her love of life and her good nature are infectious to all around her. However Scorpio man Sagittarius woman compatibility gets started, it’s sure to progress pretty quickly to the bedroom.

The Scorpio man’s strong sex drive is a good match for the passionate Sagittarius woman, and if compatibility were based on sex alone, these two would have few worries. Unfortunately, it isn’t – it’s based on share values and shared emotional perspectives, which this couple really do lack. The Scorpio man wants to be in control of his life – and in control of his lover. The Sagittarius woman is controlled by nobody, and wants freedom at all costs. Her refusal to settle down will inspire great jealousy and possessiveness in the Scorpio man, and unlike many woman, she does not find this remotely flattering, just annoying. Scorpio man Sagittarius woman compatibility struggles with a perpetual control vs freedom theme.


scorpio-man-compatibility-sagittarius-womanPotential for Pain

Although the Scorpio man admires the Sagittarius woman’s pioneering, questing nature in theory, he struggles to cope with it in practice. She doesn’t want to put down roots. Nor does he, necessarily, as such – but his emotions plumb the depths of the ocean floor, and every time she wants to move on, he has to climb back to the surface and start all over again. It’s emotionally exhausting for him, and his resentment will quickly kick in. For her part, the Sagittarius woman simply doesn’t understand her Scorpio man’s moods. It’s really not necessary to be that emotionally dramatic, she feels. Why can’t he just get over it? She is impatient with his feelings, and that really doesn’t bode well for Scorpio man Sagittarius woman compatibility.

The problem for this couple is that both can hurt each other very badly. The Sagittarius woman can be very, very blunt. Although the Scorpio man appreciates he honesty, there’s no denying that it hurts. The Scorpio man can be very vengeful and spiteful, which mystifies the open and honest Sagittarius woman, confuses her and hurts her. When the relationship goes through a bad patch, Scorpio man Sagittarius woman compatibility will be very rough indeed.

There seems to be a fundamental mismatch between the dark, emotional depths of the Pluto ruled Scorpio man and the jovial, optimistic and forthright nature of the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius woman. They do respect each other, and they quite like each other too, but whether they can really create a love which lasts a lifetime seems doubtful. The Scorpio man is a conquest too far for the Sagittarius woman, and the Sagittarius woman is just too bright and breezy for the intense Scorpio man. Scorpio man Sagittarius woman compatibility is likely to be a relatively fleeting thing.

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