Sagittarius in Love: Bright, Breezy and Blunt

As a Sagittarius, you are bright, optimistic, open-minded and friendly, and as a lover, you are, well, the same. Sagittarius is the epitome of “what you see is what you get”, so your lovers can be sure that are no nasty surprises waiting for them as the relationship develops. Since you’re such an easy-going sign, Sagittarius compatibility options are many, but all of your relationships will enjoy an undercurrent of respect and tolerance.

If you were going to place a lonely hearts ad, you wouldn’t bother with the looks, status or wealth of a potential partner. While the good old GSH or good sense of humour requirement would probably go into your text, your over-riding requirement would be sincerity. Since you place a higher value on honesty and sincerity than almost any other sign in the zodiac, compatibility for you revolves around this openness and heart-on-sleeve approach. You are totally honest with others, and you expect nothing less in return. The only problem with honesty, of course, is that it’s not always pretty. Sagittarius compatibility works best with signs which can take the unvarnished truth, rather than those signs who will expect you to sugar coat your words.

What you lack in tact you more than make up for in joviality, good humour, optimism and exuberance, and many are attracted to you simply because of your sense of adventure and because of how much fun you are to be around. So strong is your need to explore, in fact, that your mythological archetype is the adventurer. You don’t take life – or yourself- too seriously, and that’s part of the joy of being a Sagittarius. Compatibility in itself isn’t something which bothers you too much, as you trust that love will come your way when its ready to, and you’re not really the kind to go searching for a relationship.

Although your adventurous spirit is attractive, however, it can also potentially be a relationship issue. Your need for freedom and independence is such that you’re not always in a hurry to commit. You may have every honest intention of staying with your partner indefinitely, but you don’t want to sign on the dotted line. Some signs, though, will interpret this as flightiness or aloofness, so Sagittarius compatibility with signs which are big on possessiveness can suffer.

Restlessness is another key area of your personality which can be both a plus and minus in love. If you team up with another restless soul, you could live a lifelong dream together, travelling the world, getting by and existing in your own free-spirited bubble. Sagittarius compatibility with courageous Aries or independent Aquarius, for instance, is very high, but with deep-rooted earth signs the likelihood of a long term relationship is a little lower, because those signs won’t tolerate your wanderlust.

When it comes to emotional levels and the expression of feelings, you’re open and to the point, but sometimes lacking in empathy. You have no time for social niceties, and little sympathy for those who wallow in their emotions. You’re more likely to be telling someone to get a grip than to be dishing out tea and a shoulder to cry on, which can impact on Sagittarius compatibility with sensitive, needy signs. With the water signs of the zodiac, compatibility depends upon how willing both parties are to meet in the middle or your very different emotional ranges.

Star sign compatibility reports, like those available from Astromatcha, will help you pinpoint both the strengths and weaknesses of your current relationship, and will guide you on how you can use your many Sagittarian attributes to help your love match grow, endure and thrive. You do have a philosophical edge to your nature, and you’re hot on “what will be, will be”, but there is plenty you can do as an individual to boost your chances of long term Sagittarius compatibility, and to ensure that you and your partner remain the very best of friends as well as being well matched lovers.


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