Loving the Same Sign: Tips for Keeping the Magic Alive

Falling in love with someone who shares your Sun sign is easy. Very easy. Staying in love – now that’s the tricky bit. If we take Virgo/Virgo compatibility as an example, it’s not hard to see how two Virgos could fall in love – they share similar outlooks on life and probably have similar hobbies. However, they also share the same faults, and there’s nothing in the relationship to balance out the extremes of Virgo, either the highs or the lows. Virgo love compatibility with another Virgo (and this is true of all same Sun sign matches) tends to be terrific at first, but problems can quickly set in. If you’re in love with someone of the same sign, here are some top tips for making it work.

1 – Revel in Your Mutual Understanding

No matter how sticky the relationship might get (and it will), never forget what drew you together in the first place. You understand each other better than anyone else of another zodiac sign could. You know what makes each other tick, you know what turns each other on, you know what scares each other. That’s an invaluable asset to your relationship, but one that’s easy to overlook. In the case of Virgo/Virgo compatibility, for instance, both partners understand the other’s social reticence and won’t be pushing each other too far out of their comfort zone. That’s a good thing for relationship stability and durability.

2 – Work out Your Argument Style and Change it Up

The problem with two partners of the same Sun sign is that you both know the other’s tricks too well. Because you have the same style of expression and the same method of trying to get your own way, any arguments you have can quickly turn to stalemate. Whether it’s the furious rows of two Aries partners or the sulky silences of two Cancer partners, an impasse is reached and the relationship struggles to get past these constant dead ends. Being conscious of this is the first step towards fixing it. Look to each other’s strengths and weaknesses (which will come from the rest of your unique birth charts) and promise each other that you’ll find a way forwards. Back to my Virgo/Virgo compatibility example: here both partners could agree to stop criticising one another long enough to look for a more positive way of ironing out their disagreements.

3 – Work Out What Your Relationship Lacks and Add It

If you both have the same Sun sign, you will share very similar approaches to life. However, if the rest of your birth charts are strong in this sign too, you’ll quickly find that your relationship lacks something. In Virgo/Virgo compatibility, this earth-earth combination will be lacking in one or more of the other elements. If either partner has an ascendant or Moon sign in a different element, all to the good, but there will still most likely be one particular element missing from this couple’s basic astrological compatibility makeup. The best way to find out is to have your complete birth charts calculated, or to order an Astromatcha relationship compatibility report.

When you discover which element you’re missing, seek it out. If you’re missing fire, make a conscious effort to take risks together. If you’re missing air, spend more time debating the issues of the day. If you’re missing water, try hard to be more sensitive and intuitive around each other. If you’re missing earth, spend time together planning and plotting concrete steps you can take for your future.

4 – Maintain your Individuality

Just because you share a Sun sign doesn’t mean you’re the same person. Relationships with a joint Sun sign can often sink into inertia because the couple become so wrapped up in one another that the outside world ceases to exist. Nip this in the bud by deliberately pursuing your own hobbies, friendships, careers and outside interests. In my Virgo/Virgo compatibility example, for instance, it’s important that both partners keep up the friendships they had before they got together, because it’s so easy for Virgo to become reclusive and antisocial. For Virgo, love compatibility with another Virgo can be a double edged sword, so take steps to stop this happening.

A relationship with a shared zodiac sign can be a beautiful thing, but it does require work. Don’t neglect your partnership, and keep the lines of communication open at all times. If you can do that, you stand a good chance of staying together over the long term – because you do after all “get” each other so wonderfully well.

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