Gemini Man

The Gemini man is a true charmer and the absolute smooth talker of the zodiac. He is witty, clever, gregarious and energetic, with a youthful vibe about him no matter what his age. Generally slim and tall, he is not the sort to sit around doing nothing, and will always have an activity on the go. Gemini man compatibility is best with signs which are also energetic and alert, as he finds it difficult to slow down.


Talking the Talkgemini-man-compatibility

The typical Gemini male is a natural salesman, whether he uses this ability in his career or not. He can talk anyone into anything, and that includes the woman in his life. Nobody gets into trouble, or out of it again, faster or more often than the Gemini man. Compatibility is always on his mind as he is extremely flirtatious, but his relationships are not always particularly long lasting.

Because he is primarily a creature of intellect, the Gemini man does sometimes have difficulty processing deep emotions. Love – real love, as opposed to sex or fun dating – frightens him if truth be told, and he can therefore be slow to make a commitment. Gemini man compatibility also suffers because he is so fickle. He doesn’t stick at relationships well and will often move on at the first sign of trouble.

When you first meet your Gemini man, you’ll probably be drawn to him by his sense of humor and his laughing eyes. Dating him will be a whirlwind of fun, and you’ll feel that you know him quickly, due to his constant chatter. If you look a little deeper, however, you’ll find that the Gemini man rarely reveals too much valuable information about himself. Much of what he tells you is superficial; he’s sensitive and vulnerable beneath that gregarious front and will hold back on his real self until he feels he can trust you.


gemini-male-compatibilityCapture His Interest

Once you have his trust, Gemini man compatibility depends upon him finding you interesting and stimulating. He will welcome a mate who has her own interests and who enjoys her own friends as well as mutual ones. Although he does want a romantic partner for life, the Gemini male also wants to maintain his own identity, and thinks that it’s important for his lover to do so too. Variety is hugely important to him and he will want to spend his time with you doing different things, visiting different places and meeting new faces.

Sex is important to the Gemini male, but not in isolation. He is looking for friendship, love and an intellectual partner all rolled into one. He also needs a partner who won’t restrict his freedom too much, so Gemini man compatibility is best with a fairly self-sufficient partner who doesn’t come across as too needy. When a relationship is going well, the Gemini man brings joy and a true lightness of touch. When it’s not going so well, he will shut down his famous communication skills altogether and will simply freeze you out.

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