Libra Man and Pisces Woman

Libra and Pisces are two of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, which does indeed make the pairing of a Libra man and a Pisces woman a very spiritual and magic relationship. However, it’s not necessarily the most healthy relationship for either partner – read on to find out why.


libra-man-pisces-woman-compatibilityA Shared Escapism

The Libra man and the Pisces woman are both escapists at heart. The Libra man is an idealist, always on the search for perfection which he so rarely finds. He’s a gentle man, and very easily hurt, so reality can be tough for him. The sensitive Pisces woman is also very easily hurt, and prefers to live in a fantasy world when real life becomes too difficult. It’s not that these partners will deliberately hurt each other – they won’t – but the problem is that when life hurts then, neither is really equipped to help the other. Libra man Pisces woman compatibility falls down on a practical level.

When life is going well, however, this is a romantic, spiritual and tender union, with a lot of sentimentality and a good sexual rapport. Both partners spend a lot of time dreaming and together they can strive to create their own little dream world. It’s all lovely and fluffy and sweet. And then something happens to rock their world – and it all goes downhill.

Libra man Pisces woman compatibility just isn’t built to withstand the trials of life. When there is a problem, the Libra man’s reaction will be to try to talk it through and to search for that elusive solution. The Pisces woman’s reaction, however, will be to shut down emotionally and to escape into depression, drink or some other form of negative escapism. Her emotions overwhelm her and she will find her Libra man’s airy approach something of a betrayal – why isn’t he hurting as badly as she is? He is, of course, but he has a much more proactive way of dealing with it.


libra-man-compatibility-pisces-womanA Lack of Honesty

If the Pisces woman finds her strength from somewhere and approaches the Libra man to talk over the issues, she may suddenly find him too emotionally detached. Alternatively he may have decided to pretend it’s all not happening, in an ill judged attempt to stave off conflict. Because this couple live at different speeds, their timing is often off – one will want to communicate while the other one doesn’t. Libra man Pisces woman compatibility thus rarely suffers from self-imposed problems, but does suffer terribly from circumstantial problems such as finances or health, which the couple find very hard to handle.

The other major problem for Libra man Pisces woman compatibility is that neither partner is necessarily honest. The Libra man chooses the road of least resistance, always, in order to avoid a row, even if that’s not really what he feels. The Pisces woman is not averse to lying, either to herself or to her Libra man, and even though she does this with the best of intentions, the lack of frankness and honesty can cause real problems for this couple.

Ultimately then, Libra man Pisces woman compatibility creates a beautifully romantic but not very robust relationship. This is a magical mix when times are good, but it can quickly become a nightmare when life unravels, as it does for all of us from time to time. Both the Libra man and the Pisces woman would be better off with partners who can steer them through troubled times with more certainty.

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  1. This is complete and utter non sense!. This bloody artical Implies that grown adults whom have been through situations In life and come out the other side can not handle the realities of life, Bollocks! What an Insult. Let me tell you…. I am a Pisces woman and I am so tired of you people writing how we run off into this fantasy land and can not deal with the heavy. It is bullshit generalization. I have been through the storms, faced them willingly and come out the other side. As a woman who can hold her own, now with my life partner, a fantastic and a fine blessing of a Libra man. We face life head on as winners of love and life together.

    Do not listen to this. If you love each other and you are well suited. You must move forward and trust as Individuals that together you will make it. If that is what you both want.

    • Thanks for your comments Candy, we celebrate your success in love and your tenacity to overcome life’s storms…. Comparing two people’s sun signs is really just scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dynamics of love and attraction. While we would like to offer more specific and less generalised information for every person that visits this site, we’re sure that you can understand its simply not possible…. for that reason, we offer a highly personalised and detailed compatibility report service that goes into specific detail about every aspect in a couple’s match… there are so many factors to be explored!

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