Leo and Capricorn Compatibility: The Royal and the Sage

Questions abound about Leo and Capricorn compatibility, because these two signs at first glance often represent everything one might hate about the other. Can the extravagant Royal and the serious Sage see eye to eye long enough for true love to flourish, or is the relationship set to flounder under the combined weight of very different expectations?

For Capricorn, love compatibility is all about hard work, mutual respect and stability. Quiet and relatively serious by nature, Capricorn’s personality can be a little, well, boring to sociable, gregarious Leo. Meanwhile, Leo’s flashy flamboyance and larger than life persona is everything which makes mature and wise Capricorn shudder with distaste. Initial impressions of Leo and Capricorn compatibility are that this is an unlikely pairing – but then, well know of unlikely couples who are absolutely devoted to one another, and don’t forget that astrology compatibility is just a general guide.

Clearly there are differences in this couple’s personalities; however, figuring out where there are similarities is a good way to understand how this odd couple can sometimes make it work. Both Capricorn and Leo are leaders in their own ways, and both seek power and status. With a strong work ethic between them, this can be a high achieving relationship, and they do admire one another’s skills. Leo and Capricorn compatibility can lead to a tremendously practical and productive partnership, with a good standard of living and many shared values. There can be good mutual passion here too, because Leo warmth warms up Capricorn’s slightly aloof sexuality, and so long as Capricorn trusts Leo he or she is willing to let the more basic, sensual, earthy Capricorn nature shine through in the bedroom.

Ironically, however, it’s these very similarities which might drive this couple apart – particularly their shared desire to be in charge. Capricorn, with all of the wisdom of the mythological Sage, is used to giving orders and seeing them followed through. Being bossed about by a bright and brash Royal will not go down well at all. Leo, of course, is also used to being king or queen of their particular realm, and will not want to heed Capricorn’s wise advice because, well, the Royal does what the Royal wants to do. Having two bosses in this relationship can be the ultimate downfall for Leo and Capricorn compatibility.

This relationship therefore works best where there are clear boundaries between one couple’s area of expertise and the other’s. If each partner comes from a very different career or life background, it can work, because each can be the leader in their own area. It will still require some give and take from both of them, but Leo and Capricorn compatibility improves when the battleground of “who wears the trousers?” is removed. That’s not the only obstacle, however, and money can be another ongoing battle for this couple, as Capricorn tries to balance the books and create a stable future in the face of Leo’s lavish spending and overly optimistic view of personal finance.

As a fire sign, Leo can scorch Capricorn with the strength and depth of their temper; however, as an earth sign, Capricorn can dump a whole lot of sand on top of Leo’s fire and extinguish that enthusiasm for good. When it works at its best, Leo and Capricorn compatibility will avoid either of those scenarios; instead, Leo’s fire will gently warm Capricorn’s cool earth, and Capricorn will provide stability and direction to Leo’s passions. Ideally. But that’s not an easy state for these two to achieve.

Where there is true love, of course, any partnership can make it through difficulties. When it comes to Capricorn love, compatibility is not necessarily an instant thing. The Sage is more than willing to work on a relationship, and accepts that when two personalities join, adjustments might have to be made. Prideful Leo, a fixed sign, is less adaptable, and less willing to fit in with anyone else’s orbit. If this relationship does work out well, it will usually be thanks to Capricorn’s hard work. If you have a question about astrology compatibility for these or other sign combinations, let us know!

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