Perfect Romantic Gifts for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

If you’re happily in a relationship and hoping to keep your love compatibility going strong, or if you’re just getting to know someone new and want to surprise and delight them, your choice of romantic gift could be a deal breaker. Read on for some ideas – some serious, some tongue in cheek – for the perfect gifts for the second four signs of the zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

Romantic Gifts for Leo

Ah, lavish, luxury loving Leo! What could you buy for a Leo which would a) express the depth of your love compatibility and b) not cost the earth? Well, Leo is a very well organised sign, and loves to be in charge. A gift which helps them boss others around is always welcome, as is anything which flatters their over-sized ego. Leo is pretty materialistic though, so you’ll need to make sure that even if your gift isn’t expensive, it looks expensive. Go overboard with the wrapping, perhaps, to make up for your budget buy.

Budget (but disguise it as well as you can!): Cheap champagne or a sign saying Boss.

Mid range: Jewellery (the more bling the better); an ornate mirror

Super luxury: Drama lessons with a famous actor; an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood.


Romantic Gifts for Virgo

Virgo is a gentle, unassuming sign, and one for whom love compatibility definitely isn’t dependent on how many presents he or she gets. Virgo’s not as shallow as that, but will certainly appreciate practical, thoughtful gifts, with an emphasis on health, beauty, and refined elegance. Do not, repeat do not, go for anything too flashy. Virgo’s an intellectual sign too, and loves to read, or you might buy your Virgo lover something to help him or her in their ultimate goal of self sufficiency.

Budget (and the more budget the better if it’s your joint finances you’re spending…): Book vouchers, aromatherapy bubble bath.

Mid range: Chickens. And a chicken coop, obviously.

Super luxury: A home gym. Or a smallholding. Or a smallholding with a home gym.


Romantic Gifts for Libra

Diplomatic Libra is bound to tell you they love any gift you care to offer, but what Libra really loves is beauty. Art works of any kind always go down well, and so do fine wines, chocolates, flowers and sophisticated jewellery. Libras are also born romantics, and definite social gossips, so anything connected with vintage romance or celebrity lifestyles is always a hit. Your Libra lover also likes to look good, so makeup for women or grooming products for men are usually gratefully received. Libra’s an air sign, however, so don’t fret too much over it. If you get the wrong thing, you’ll be forgiven instantly and your love compatibility with this sweet hearted sign won’t suffer for it.

Budget: A gossipy magazine; a mix and match basket of make up items.

Mid range: Make up lessons; antique bedroom furniture

Super luxury: Commissioned oil portraits of Libra and his or her loved ones.


Romantic Gifts for Scorpio

Tempestuous Scorpio can be hard to read, so unless you know your Scorpio lover very well indeed, you might struggle with the perfect gift. For Scorpio, love compatibility runs a lot deeper than presents anyway, but giving something which appeals to them will help boost your status in their eyes. The ultimate gift should be, ahem, entirely private and given in the bedroom or other love location of your choice…but failing that, try something which will excite the Scorpio love of mystery and the unknown.

Budget: A whodunit novel; sexy underwear (probably not ideal if you’ve only known him or her for five minutes…)

Mid range: A metal detector; a night in a haunted castle.

Super luxury: A fully equipped home observatory with telescopes and astronomical gadgets galore.


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