Pisces Man and Libra Woman

The Pisces man and the Libra woman can create a very appealing water/air relationship, but will it shine like a rainbow or whip up a tropical storm?


pisces-man-libra-woman-compatibilityMagical Courtship

Both the Pisces man and the Libra woman are gentle, unassuming souls. The Pisces man often lacks self confidence. Although the Libra woman has enough confidence, she is a self-effacing woman and doesn’t have an ego problem. They are both charmed by each other, and can easily fall in love. The Libra woman is especially attracted to the Pisces man’s spirituality, and he is especially attracted to her social graces. Pisces man Libra woman compatibility gets off to a good start.

The couple share a love of romance, and together they can create a very magical courtship, which would be the envy of many other couples. The can live in their own little dream world, barely coming up for air. It’s a good match sexually too, as the Pisces man’s romantic sensuality warms up the air sign Libra woman’s slightly aloof approach to sex, and gives her plenty of glamor and passion to enjoy. Pisces man Libra woman compatibility initially seems strong.

The Pisces man, however, needs someone who can ground his strong emotions. The Libra woman will struggle with this, as she’s not in touch with her own emotions, let alone someone else’s. She in turn needs a man she can rely upon, who will stay with her forever. The Pisces man is faithful, but gullible, and can easily be led into an affair. He’s also not particularly full of inner strength, and even if he is never unfaithful to his Libra woman, she may lose him to his own emotions if he sinks into a depression. As you can see, Pisces man Libra woman compatibility is not as clear cut as it first appears.


pisces-man-compatibility-libra-womanA Shared Sense of Idealism

The couple do share a strong sense of idealism, but this can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they want their relationship to be perfect. The Libra woman is a cardinal sign, and she will take the initiative in trying to ensure that everything is OK, all the time – she can’t stand arguments or discord, and will be forever smoothing over any gaps. The Pisces man is a mutable sign, and will work hard to adapt to his Libra woman’s needs, so he puts in the effort too in pursuit of this perfect relationship. That certainly helps Pisces man Libra woman compatibility, but it’s not the whole story.

Because this couple are hung up on idealism, both of them can become very disillusioned when reality bites. They put each other on pedestals from which they can only both fall. Both the Pisces man and the Libra woman will turn to escapism when this happens – he, perhaps, through drink or drugs; she, perhaps, in the arms of another man. Pisces man Libra woman compatibility does indeed shine like a rainbow during the good times, but it’s by no means always robust enough to survive life’s tougher moments.

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  1. I am Pisces male most of the things i read here so true pisces are lazy in actions while libras are quicker and need quick responses by pisces. To all those pisces male and libra female I tell you what just patch up again if you have 1 remaining chance and libra female should work hard to stick pisces male into reality. Reality is everything dreams are nothing until they changed into reality. Pisces feels insecure that’s why they can’t tell everything to everyone. Don’t think wrong. Be positive and stay happy. As much i know, hey libras If you stick your pisces male with reality, Jokes & happy atmosphere. You are the winner OF ALL TIME. Libras females ike to go outside all the time and want to friendship with everyone but please be sure not to talk with males as a close friend it will hurt pisces alot inside and they may go in dreams again which cause problem and change in behavior which you may be not like it. Most romantic relationship are of these twos. Pisces Love to hug & cuddling so much

    • Thanks that’s gonna really help ☺

  2. @miguel
    Your welcome. Let me know what are the improvements ?

  3. I feel for Pisces. I lost him to his dream world. It broke my heart. I felt abandoned. I had to keep snapping him into reality. The last time…he wore me down. I left with my ex who I hated because I felt so alone. I still love Pisces man. I was nothing to him. His dreams meant more. 🙁
    I felt anguish. I’d buy him little gifts and say good things yo him. He was the most sweetest man I have ever meet. Everybody has left him. I just did not want to live with him because I would felt obligated to stay. It’s alonely world being with a Pisces man.

  4. @ally. I understand but look dear not all pisces are same there are multiple things in zodiac sun, moon, rising which changes with time and so more

    You need to talk to your pisces like exactly you are texting here. If u know the problem then settle it out. Nothing is impossible I am pisces too haha

    We are not always dream land but sometimes we stop doing actions because we think and look at all four sides to make total peace. I found so many pisces libra couples happy when they are understand and mature enough.

    My suggestion is to go to your pisces and tell him all 🙂 make him laugh, daily conversation too. Give him some time to think like an hour per day not whole month. Romance him he is too romantic if he pisces thats all

  5. Keep him interested, use your intelligence, don’t use against him & dont take advantage of his kindness, tell him all about zodiac difference. totally kill your ego if he is not calling you, texting you, meeting you. You must make it first move. Don’t be bossy.
    Tell him all what you really want, what you really think. Don’t ignore him, Keep teach him and give your intelligence.

    Pisces goes for “thinking” & libra goes for “ego” in which both cut communication don’t do that, don’t end communication at all. don’t end communication at all. Keep talking daily.

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