Taurus Man

The typical Taurus man is what you might call a “man’s man” – he is very masculine, and exhibits very few emotions to strangers. Set in his ways and perhaps among the more sexist of signs, he likes women to be women and men to be men. His is a traditional, conservative outlook on life, which he rarely changes.


Romantic and Attentivetaurus-man-compatibility

In appearance, the Taurus man is often of stocky build, but muscular. He is proud of his hair, perhaps growing a beard too, and is distressed by male baldness. Although he likes to look his best, a liking for rich food and a certain physical laziness can lead to weight problems unless he enjoys a physical hobby.

When it comes to Taurus male compatibility, the Taurus man has a lot of love to give. Although slightly old fashioned in his outlook, he is a romantic, attentive partner, who is big on physical affection and demonstrations of love. He has a quiet demeanor and is unpretentious, enjoying home comforts and family life rather than flashy cars or expensive nights out. The Taurus man seeks a partner who can appreciate him for his inner strength, resolve and hard work.


The Strong, Silent Type

When in love, the Taurus man is devoted and loyal, and utterly faithful. The strong and silent type, it’s not always easy to catch his attention, but once you have it, it won’t waver. He is a very physical lover and has a strong sex drive, but dislikes flirting as he finds it undignified. Taurus man compatibility is best with lady like or glamorous females, or women who don’t object to his outdated views on how a woman should behave.

taurus-male-compatibilityAs a family man, the Taurus male can be relied upon to be a good provider. He sees it as his role to be the breadwinner of the family, and can become distressed if for any reason that turns out not to be the case. He does very quickly become set in his ways, however, and will want the family routine to run like clockwork, resisting any changes. The best Taurus man compatibility is with a woman who also enjoys the security brought by routine, but who has the vision to lift the Taurus male out of his rut every now and then.

Once committed to a relationship, the Taurus man will stay put through heaven and hell. He doesn’t give up easily and will work hard to keep his love alive. He is a trusting soul and can be quite naïve, being very severely hurt by an unfaithful or unkind lover. Push him too far, however, and his stubborn streak will kick in – it’s extremely hard to force a Taurus man to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

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