Gemini and Gemini Compatibility: Communicative Chaos?

As you might expect from the archetypal Communicators of the zodiac, Gemini and Gemini compatibility involves an awful lot of talking. This couple are easily able to spend night after night chatting about this, that and everything in between. They entertain one another intellectually, which is important for a Gemini falling in love, and they will both enjoy the lively debates and mental stimulation they each bring to the other.

It’s a fun, lively and sociable partnership, constantly on the go. For Gemini and Gemini, compatibility means having plenty of other people around too, because the Communicator loves as wide an audience as possible. Somewhere, somehow, among the wide circle of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and extended family members, this couple needs to find or make time to be a couple. As bubbly and spirited as their joint lives are, however, they can also be exhausting, leaving little room for intimacy.

In fact, the lack of sexual chemistry can be a problem for this astrological match. Sure, two sets of twins find one another interesting and good for a laugh, but where’s the passion? Although an outstanding friendship and a positive, enthusiastic business partnership or family relationship, as a romance, this match has issues. Unfortunately for Gemini and Gemini, compatibility is not as simple as just enjoying a good chat.

Gemini is a tremendous flirt, and not the most faithful of signs, so with this partnership there is an ever present risk of infidelity. Unfortunately for Gemini, star sign compatibility with another Gemini means that “it takes one to know one” – in other words, because one partner knows how flirtatious and fickle they themselves are, they will find it hard to trust the other partner. It’s even harder for Gemini and Gemini compatibility to flourish when you consider that the Communicator, for all their fine words, often has double standards – here one partner may well expect better behaviour from the other than they personally are willing to offer.

Even though this couple get along well, there’s also an issue of boredom to consider. With Gemini’s short attention span, you have to wonder which partner will tire of the other first. Sudden changes of heart will be common with both partners in this relationship – which is fine, sometimes, because Gemini is a mutable, flexible, adaptable sign. When these changes of heart don’t match or coincide, however, there could be trouble in the air for Gemini and Gemini – compatibility will fray quickly and start to unravel completely if the couple don’t have enough private time to resolve their differences.

Remembering their extensive social life, that private time could be hard to find. It’s vital that both partners consciously choose to spend time together, rather than just drift into it when there’s nobody else around. For Gemini and Gemini compatibility to work at its best, this couple need to work on intimacy, privacy and physicality. When they do find the time and energy for sex, it’s an inventive relationship, but again that depth of emotion could be missing, making sex a pretty casual affair all round.

When it’s working well, this relationship will be happy, fun, energetic and spontaneous, perhaps filled with adventure, travel and new horizons. As parents, these two will be inspirational but not exactly practical. It’s often said that Gemini is the child of the zodiac, so with two children heading the family, who’s going to do the real parenting? Unless at least one of the partners has some solid, earthy energy elsewhere in their birth chart, this double Gemini star sign compatibility will always be slightly unstable and unpredictable. The fact that both partners can cope with instability is to their credit, but how much can they take before one or both finds a greater attraction elsewhere?

On the plus side, this partnership will always remain friends. When they do break up, it will be done swiftly and amicably, particularly if there are children involved. It seems that ultimately, the zodiac’s natural Communicators may do just a little too much communicating when they’re together – and not enough loving.

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