Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman isn’t looking for love. She never is. She’s looking for a solution to world hunger, or she’s on a double date because she’s looking for a boyfriend for her best friend. But looking for love for herself? No. She has other priorities. Because of this, love tends to find her rather than the other way round – and when it does, she will be disarmingly charming, kooky and a little eccentric as you get to know her. For the Aquarius woman, compatibility is something she thinks about in odd moments, but not something she feels she’s missing out on. She may settle down quite late in life, if at all.


Aloof and Rationalaquarius-woman-compatibility

Even when she does fall in love, the Aquarius woman can remain maddeningly aloof to her partner. She doesn’t mean to be; she just doesn’t “do” sharing emotions. She keeps her feelings to herself and hides away her deepest ones, keeping them safely under control at all times. She is a very rational woman, and tries to explain away love in purely rational terms…which of course, doesn’t always work. When this strategy fails and she’s forced to confront her emotions, she can find it very difficult. The best Aquarius woman compatibility is with a sensitive and understanding man who can show her that emotions are nothing to be ashamed of.

In a committed relationship, however, the Aquarius woman is a fun and challenging partner. She likes to debate and to argue, but never with malice. So long as she is allowed to maintain her own interests and her own set of friendships, she will be happy. She showers her partner with affection, and can be surprisingly sexy behind closed doors, but she sometimes needs reminding to work on the real emotional connection behind the relationship. Aquarius woman compatibility is not ideal with men who need to feel adored, because she’s simply too busy to offer them this.


aquarius-female-compatibilityIntellectual Equal

The Aquarius woman is rarely jealous, and so trying to provoke jealousy from her is a strategy that usually fails. Some men resort to this in order to try to get her to prove how in love she is – she won’t. She’s stubborn, and can see right through that game. Leave her be, however and she will prove how much she loves you in her own way. She will surprise you. To an Aquarius woman, compatibility is an ongoing work in progress. She knows her own shortcomings and she’s acutely aware of her mate’s too; she will put in the effort required to make a relationship work, but it has to be on her terms.

If you fall in love with an Aquarius woman, you’ve found a kind, humanitarian and friendly partner who will be your intellectual equal for life. She will learn with you and grow with you, and will support your interests as much as she works on her own. However, don’t expect her to dance to your tune. Aquarius woman compatibility is doomed with any man who does not respect her need for freedom in all things.

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