Aries Man

The Aries man is a definite alpha male. Typically strong and striking in appearance, he is often athletic and takes a great pride in his appearance and his physical fitness. He is extremely energetic and exudes testosterone and sex appeal. He’s trendy and “of the moment” with his fashion sense, although he likes to be a style leader rather than a follower.

The Thrill of the Chasearies-man-compatibility

When it comes to Aries male astrological compatibility, the key thing to understand is that Aries needs to win. The Aries man is fiercely competitive in love and romance, and will enjoy the thrill of the chase, competing against other males to win his female’s attention. He doesn’t mind a partner who flirts, because he likes the challenge of keeping her.

The Aries man has a strong and forthright personality, so the best compatibility for him is an equally strong female. Although he could easily dominate a more gentle woman, he tends not to – he has a great deal of respect for women and is chivalrous to a fault; he just prefers confident, assertive women as they present more of a challenge to him.

In a relationship, the Aries man will tell it like it is. He is very honest and has no ulterior motives or deep, dark secrets. He may not always be faithful, but he will be upfront about his infidelity if it happens. The Aries male has a very strong sex drive and makes a passionate, eager partner, but he can quickly become distressed if the relationship is not going his way.

Be an Enigma

In order to create the best compatibility with an Aries man, his partner should seek to retain a little mystery. Don’t tell your Aries male your entire life history – he wants you to be a little bit of an enigma. Boredom in a relationship is probably the most common reason for an Aries man leaving his partner, so it’s important that you feel comfortable ringing the changes too.

aries-male-compatibilityIf you’re in a relationship with an Aries man, you’ll already know that he expects to be in charge. He will want to dictate where you go, what you do and how your joint household is run. He’ll want to be in control of the finances too, and he’s hung up on being the provider for his partner; he would prefer you not to work, in an ideal world.

The Aries man needs to feel that he’s the king, and he will want his partner to be his queen – loyal, dignified, and utterly adoring of him. He also wants to feel that he’s the most wonderful thing his partner has ever seen; the best Aries man compatibility tends to happen when the partner is wise enough to play down their own strengths at times when Aries guy feels vulnerable. Being ruled by Mars, the Aries man has a very volatile temper, and can be quite intimidating when his fury is in full flow.

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