Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman

The relationship between two fixed signs is often a difficult one, and so it proves for the Aquarius man and the Taurus woman. This can be quite a defiant, oppositional relationship, which both partners will find frustrating.


aquarius-man-taurus-woman-compatibilityAn Uncomfortable Truce

The Taurus woman is an emotionally stable, conventional kind of woman, with a lot of love to give. The Aquarius man, on the other hand, is a rebel, and an emotionally aloof guy who likes to keep his feelings at arm’s length. This couple struggle to connect on an emotional level, and they will find it hard to understand where the other one is coming from. The Taurus woman simply doesn’t understand why the Aquarius man has to be so distant; he doesn’t understand why she has to be so moody. Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility doesn’t get off to a great start.

The Taurus woman is a deeply sensual being, ruled by Venus, with a liking for luxury and the finer things in life. The Aquarius man, by contrast, has little time or desire for luxuries, and often lives quite a Spartan lifestyle. One of his ruling planets is austere Saturn, which explains a lot. His other ruling planet is unpredictable Uranus, whose influence horrifies the status-quo loving Taurus woman. The Aquarius man lives to rock the boat; the Taurus woman in this relationship is going to have to spend an awful lot of time bailing out water. Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility is clearly uncomfortable.

There’s quite a mismatch sexually for this couple too. The Aquarius man is an air sign, and views sex through an intellectual lens. This simply won’t do for the earthy Taurus woman who wants passion and romance. The more she pushes, the more the Aquarius man will distance himself from her, so it seems as though there are few ways through this impasse. Both partners are fixed signs, remember, so neither will be willing to make the first move towards a compromise. For the Aquarius man and Taurus woman, compatibility has to overcome a whole set of large and complex issues.


aquarius-man-compatibility-taurus-womanForce of Will

One thing this couple does have in common, however, is a huge reserve of determination and sheer will power. If they want to force this relationship to work, they can do it. In order for Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility to thrive, the Taurus woman will need to curb some of her selfishness and will definitely have to lose her possessive streak. In return, the Aquarius man will have to try harder to connect emotionally, and will need to tone down his restlessness. The Taurus woman will not be able to trust him unless he shows some signs of commitment, and both trust and commitment are key issues for the Taurus woman.

So, like any combination, Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility can be forced to work, but there will be ongoing pressure on this relationship as cracks will easily form. The basic conflict between security and surprise, or between convention and unconventionality will never go away, and that could prove to be simply too much for Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility to bear.

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