What Makes Good Astrological Compatibility?

Love, chemistry and personal compatibility are a bit of a mystery to all of us, including astrologers, but there are certain things we all know we really need in order for a relationship to truly work. When doing an astrological compatibility analysis, where do we find these signatures? What links exist between two charts to create astrology sign compatibility – or to destroy it?

It’s important to understand that to an astrologer, a sign doesn’t only mean the Sun sign. If an astrologer is looking for an emphasis on, say, Libra, that might mean a Libra Sun sign, but it might also mean a Libra Moon, or ascendant, or the chart’s ruling planet being in Libra, or Libra being on the cusp of the 7th house, or….a multitude of other things. In this article, when I refer to a strong such and such sign, I mean in the whole chart, not necessarily the Sun sign. Compatibility analysis requires the whole birth chart to be effective, although astrology sign compatibility with Sun signs alone is a quick and fun guide to potential relationships.

1 – Sexual Compatibility

Top of the list for most people is that sexual chemistry, the spark of desire which draws us to another person in the first place. An emphasis on opposite signs is a good indicator of sexual attraction in a compatibility analysis. Other major signatures of a sexy partnership are links between one person’s Mars and the other person’s Venus, or between Uranus or Pluto and Mars or Venus. We would also look for the sign on the cusp of the 8th house, and perhaps the 5th house too. The most sexy signs are the fire signs, the most sensual signs are the earth signs, but every sign has some degree of sexuality within it – it’s whether the partner can bring it out which counts!

2 – Shared Values

The strongest indication of shared values in synastry is an emphasis on the same sign. That might be a shared Sun sign, or it might be that one sign is emphasised through being a Sun sign for one partner and a Moon or ascendant sign for the other. Signs in the same element also tend to share values with one another, so this is a slightly more tenuous but still valuable link. For clues to a long term relationship, we would look at the 7th house. To ascertain compatibility over issues like humanitarian causes, justice, ethics and beliefs, we would look for links between the partner’s Jupiter and Mars placements, and sometimes Venus. The cusp of the 9th house is important here too for a thorough compatibility analysis.


3 – Shared Approach to Life

It helps romantic compatibility enormously if both partners are similarly sociable or unsociable, ambitious or unambitious, organised or disorganised, and so forth. Signs sharing the same quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable) are a good indication here, as is compatibility between the 3rd and 6th houses. A compatibility analysis might also look at the Mercury placing of each partner to assess communication styles, and to Neptune and Uranus to ascertain the degree or realism or unconventionality of each partner.

4 – Shared Family Ambitions

In real life, whether or not a couple want children, and, if they do, whether the agree on parenting styles and family life basics – these are not the most glamorous of compatibility analysis points, but they are essential for a long term relationship to succeed. Here we would look at the Moon positions of each partner, and the 4th house, as well as looking to Saturn for clues about each partner’s approach to responsibility.

5 – Shared Financial Goals

Likewise, money is not the most exciting part of an astrology sign compatibility exercise, but no partnership will last long if the couple do not fundamentally agree on finances. Here we look to Venus to find out how each partner views luxury and spending, and to Saturn again for responsibility. The 2nd house deals with financial security, so compatibility here is important, and the 10th house deals with career ambitions, so we look carefully to see whether one partner is more ambitious than the other, and how that might impact finances.

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