Astrology Compatibility Questions Answered

Whether you’re sizing up a potential hot date or trying to figure your way through a relationship problem, understanding star sign compatibility can help. Most of us have heard or read a bit about which zodiac signs “go together” and which don’t, but the reality isn’t as simple as that. Sign compatibility is a complex issue, as you might expect from complicated creatures like ourselves!

Here at Astromatcha, we’ve provided a guide to sign compatibility covering all 78 possible Sun sign combinations, which is a useful starting point for understanding your relationship. If there’s something you need to check, though, or something you’re not sure about, we encourage you to send your relationship compatibility questions to our astrologer. We can’t guarantee a personal response, but we’ll do our best!  Just leave a comment here or after one of our articles, and ask your question.

We’re also interested to hear your observations on the sign compatibility in your own relationship. How do you gel as lovers? Does your experience match our compatibility article for that sun sign combination, or do you have a different tale to tell? Send us your experiences via the comments feature and we’ll publish a selection of them with each article. Think of it as a community service – explaining the dynamics of your astrological relationship might also help others who are experiencing a similar relationship!

Sometimes people find that their relationship doesn’t work the way you might expect when you look at the sign compatibility between the two partners. Often, this is because for one or both partners, the sun sign is over-ruled by a stronger part of the chart. For instance, if you have a fiery Aries Sun, but your ascendant is in Cancer and your Moon in Pisces, you’ll have a much softer and more “water-like” approach to your relationships than would an Aries Sun person with a more fiery or earthy chart. When you send in your relationship compatibility questions, it helps if you provide your birth details, so that our astrologer can take a peek at your chart in more detail.

Astrology can’t help you work out whether to get married, or tell you whether your dearly beloved is having an affair or not, but sign compatibility can help you work out a better way to communicate with each other, an easier way to handle his moods, a different approach to spice up your love life or a gentle way to dissipate her temper. Understanding how someone ticks is the key to understanding how to love them better – and while you’re at it, it helps if you properly understand yourself too, and that’s certainly something astrology can help with.

Don’t forget, however, that sun signs alone are only a guide in relationship astrology. To get the full picture of a relationship requires a full analysis of both complete birth charts. Our Astromatcha astrology compatibility reports offer just that, with detailed advice about how you and your partner relate to one another, and what your relationship strengths and weaknesses are. A full report will enable you to go far beyond mere sign compatibility and explore the complete range of contacts between your charts, including your Moon signs, ascendant signs and all of the other planetary positions which make up a birth chart.

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  1. Hello, I started talking to this guy but I don’t know if its gonna work,like I am a female who is a Pisces and he is a Virgo. And like he’s really sweet but always busy so we barely talk as it is and I don’t even know if he really wants to take it to the next level. Please help me, Thank You. 🙂

  2. I’m a libra male being in relationship with Scorpio female.. On June 12th our relationship got worse.. She’s 16 now and I’m 20.. Will we both Marry in future.. I want her truly in my life.!

  3. I am a virgo women with a sagagarious and I find most posting on us and are relationship to make me out to be a home body but in our case I crave adventure travel and freedom and he’s more of the home body although he does require his own space and most other aspects match I’m curious as to why my signs (virgo) seem to stray from my personality

  4. I have met a 57 yr old male Gemini on a dating site. I am a 63yr old female Capricorn. We are 300 miles apart, but, it doesn’t seem to matter to either of us. The first time we talked, it was like we have known each other all our lives. He is a widower and, I, a divorcee. We had each been on that site for only a few days. This just feels so right. Is this just a fluke, or can this be a chance of happiness for the both of us?


  5. Hi Im in love (for last 2yrs) with an amazing pisces man, but he sometimes destablelises me to the point of me getting very teary and emotional,I sometimes feel that he is more virgo than I am and Im the fishes.My DOB is 13/09/1959 (time unknown)and his is 3/03/1960, 6:30am.
    We are a mature age (50’s)couple, I was married for 38 yrs with a gemini who died in 2011, while he has been in temporary relationships since divorcing (16yr marriage) in the 90’s.
    My question is while Im happy hugely so, my lows are massive also…call it midlife crisis if you want to…because he is an extremely magnetic person and so different to my former partner, (he is loving compassion, sexy, considerate), I feel he holds back alot and isnt always honest to the degree which I feel is necessary in a relationship.Dont get me wrong I dont beleive that he lies,but he isnt always entirely open with me.This sounds like a real silly complaint,but it does irk me.
    Can you give me some feedback and any info would be a help.

  6. Hi my name is Kim and I was born on 2-29 and there’s not one horoscope about Pisces that I have read that does not explain me to down to the letter,I been in 7yr relationship with my scorpio mate,and I been reading more and of scorpio traits not that I needed to read it because he is to the letter is well and more so scary,to see my life written down as I live and this man has turn my emotions thoughts my being in lots of time to hate,the level of control is more than one man should have,jealousy and the suspicious nature to catch me doing something behind is back to the point that any lil conversation my guard is up because I can feel the trick question, and leaves me in rage,so deeply confuse this relationship is the hardest to turn away from, feel like there’s no room to grow if we’re not the same page,is not letting go and holding on to is like he holding on just for attack,we have tooken breaks in the past and desperate need a break or away to break up for good without ill will,or revenge act,how you think I should handle this situation with out causing harm to me or my mate,,

  7. i am in love with a guy who is a libra…we both are good frnds but i wanna know that he loves me or not…sometimes he shows that he likes me n sometimes he is opposite…i dnt hve the courage to ask recently i told him while chatting tht i love him so he replied that love? liking is enough!!..but i want him…Big thing: many girls r after him and maybe he is too after someone!!! but i love him… i cant ask him bcoz if he doesnt like me thn maybe we wont even remain frnds…plz help me up with this…

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